PlayStation Spartacus: the Xbox Game Pass competitor is coming in a few days

Next week would mark Sony’s presentation of its Xbox Game Pass competitor for PlayStation gamers, according to information from Bloomberg. The service’s code name is Spartacus.

PS5 and DualSense Horizontal Controller

Sony’s answer to Xbox Game Pass is coming soon

The Xbox Game Pass is an equivalent of the “Netflix of video games”, with access to lots of games for a monthly subscription (€9.99/month). There are additions (and removals) every month, and gamers mostly enjoy games from Xbox Studios the same day they release. This includes several headlines, like Halo Infinite just to name him.

Sony therefore wants to compete and offer its equivalent of the Xbox Game Pass, but for PlayStation players. There would be three formulas. The first would cost $10/month would be more or less an equivalent of the PlayStation Plus subscription that exists today. This allows you to play online with friends and other players, just as it allows you to have games offered each month, promotions on the PlayStation Store and game backups in the cloud. There would then be an offer at $13/month which would give access to many PlayStation games, some of which are already available today with PlayStation Now. Finally, an offer at $16/month would add old games (PlayStation 1, 2, 3 and PSP), the possibility of playing in streaming and game demos.

As said before, Microsoft’s offer has the advantage of offering several big games as soon as they are released. It wouldn’t be the same at Sony. Exclusive games, like the next one god of war, would only be available from day one. You would always have to buy them individually or wait a while before having them on Spartacus.

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