PlayStation unveils a new controller … for smartphones

This new controller signed Backbone and PlayStation will not be of any use to you on your PS5.

Since November 2020, PlayStation has been struggling due to a shortage of electronic components, which has prevented it from selling as many PS5 consoles as the company should. But that does not prevent him from designing new products, as evidenced by the next PSVR 2 and this new controller for smartphones. No, you’re not dreaming, PlayStation is teaming up with the Backbone brand for this white frame that strangely reminds us of the design of the PS5.

iphone playstation backbone controller
Credits: Backbone

Called Backbone One, the controller is made exclusively for Apple smartphones and allows you to play mobile titles with optimal comfort, even on the go. Very easy to use, just connect the frame to your iPhone so that it is recognized and can be used directly in-game, with compatible games of course. Good news, owners of the Sony Pulse 3D headset can easily connect their device to the controller for an immersive experience.

From a technical point of view, the Backbone One controller is powered by your iPhone thanks to its Lightning port, which means on the one hand that you do not need to recharge it, and on the other hand that your autonomy risks to take a hit, we can not yet know how much it will affect your battery as well as the heating of the phone.

A growing mobile strategy

This controller was directly designed to work with the PS Remote Play application, but it is also compatible with many games and streaming services among those offered on the Apple App Store. It is currently priced at $99 on the Backbone site.

This novelty is in any case the proof of a serious advance in the field of smartphones, as the brand had affirmed a few months ago. Over the next few years, Sony intends to considerably increase its influence on the mobile market, with more and more adaptations of its major licenses as well as new games for these platforms. However, we regret that no Android version has been announced for the Backbone controller.

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