Pokemon Legends Arceus Is Hugely Popular, These Numbers Prove It

The newest installment in the Pokémon franchise, aka Pokémon Legends Arceus, is off to a great start in just one week. Check out the numbers.

On January 28, the long-awaited Pokemon Legends Arceus, which is now one of our favorites on Switch. Obviously, the enthusiasm around the game has not only won the hearts of the JDG editorial staff, but also those of franchise fans around the world. It must be said that the promise of its gameplay – revolutionary for a Pokémon – was enough to make the mouths of all enthusiasts water.

After more than a week of release, the results are extremely positive for Nintendo. All in all the bet is won, Pokemon Legends Arceus boasts staggering sales figures. We count no less than 6.5 million copies sold around the world, in just 7 short days. An incredible start that other popular games on Nintendo Switch had not experienced in 2021, yet very promising.

A relative success

A few days ago, the firm revealed to us that at the end of 2021, Mario Party Superstars sold 5.43 million units in two months, the remaster of Skyward Sword it sold 3.85 million copies in 5 and a half months, and finally Metroid Dread achieved an honorable score with 2.74 million units sold in just under 3 months.

The only exception is the Pokémon Sparkling Pearl and Sparkling Diamond games, which sold nearly 14 million copies just over a month after their release. So let’s hope that Pokemon Legends Arceus is doing just as well, so we’ll talk about it again in a month.

Those numbers put it in contention in the fastest-selling Switch game competition, and the game lands a straight second in that ranking. However, it seems unlikely that he will catch up with the first game in the ranking: Animal Crossing New Horizons. This one is still extremely popular today, and has even just released its very first paid DLC. In just 11 days, it had sold over 11 million units.

He also says that the title had rather favorable conditions for its success around the world. Released at the start of the pandemic, Animal Crossing has largely taken advantage of national confinements to expand its popularity. If the situation is very different today, Pokemon Legends Arceus nevertheless seduces many players, us the first as you can read in our test.

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