Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet official, what do we know about the next games?

After the surprise announcement of the next Pokémon Scarlet and Violet opuses, what does the license have in store for us in 2022?

Pokémon Day ended with a big announcement this weekend. Taking advantage of the fact that everyone had their eyes on the excellent Pokemon Legends Arceus and its first update The Awakening of Hisui, Game Freak took gamers by surprise, by formalizing the next generation of his pocket monsters. From the end of this year, it will thus be possible to set foot on the roads of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purplethe next duo in the main saga, which will bring with it the ninth generation.

Starters and open-world: what we know

Just a few weeks after the release of Pokemon Legends Arceus, the Japanese publisher has decided to be prolific, since it is at the end of the year that the Scarlet and Violet generations will be marketed. In the meantime, Game Freaks has already lifted the veil on the game’s three starters: they will be Pusheda small Plant-type cat, chocolate, a Fire-type dinosaur, and hairdresser, a Water-type duck that looks like it’s straight out of the hairdresser’s.

Exit Galar and its industrialized buildings, the next Pokémon adventures should take us on a new sunny port region with Mediterranean influences. A return to the modern world which will nevertheless acquire an assumed heritage in the world of Hisui in Pokemon Legends Arceus : the games should thus benefit from an open world to go hunting for pocket monsters, which, let’s face it, is very good news. On his site, The Pokemon Company even promises to go further, abandoning the open “zones” for offer a true open-world with free accesswith no transition between regions.

For their part, the graphics also seem to have been slightly revised upwards, the main disappointment of the last opus. It remains to be seen whether Game Freaks will have taken the time to bet on the aesthetics of its new blockbusters.

Finally, the Japanese giant promised that the next titles of the license would be compatible with storage application Pokemon Home “after their release”, without however giving a precise date. It will therefore be necessary to expect to see monsters from previous regions in this new El Dorado Pokémon.

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