Capture d'écran de Pokémon Snap sur la Nintendo 64 avec le personnage principal dans son véhicule avec son appareil.

Pokémon Snap takes us on a photo safari

This cult spin-off from the Pokémon saga finally returns to Nintendo Switch after a next-gen episode released last year.

The last game that we knew was officially on its way to the Nintendo 64 catalog of the Switch Online subscription is finally coming, and it’s coming soon! From next Friday, that is to say June 24the service offered to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers + Additional Pack will be enriched with a cult title: Pokemon Snap originally released on N64 in 2000.

Pokémon Snap had already returned to the limelight with a sequel to the first episode simply titled New Pokemon Snap releasing in April 2021. Now all titles in the series are available on a single console for twice the Pokémon-esque photo safari.

What future for the Nintendo 64 catalog?

Launched last October, the Nintendo Switch catalog now includes no less than 16 games with timeless classics. We think in particular of Banjo-Kazooie, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask or even F-Zero X. With one new game per month since the launch of the servicethe pace was sustained and allowed to expand the selection quickly making the purchase of the Additional Pack much more interesting.

Now that all the games revealed by Nintendo at the time of the service announcement have been released, we can only wait until next month to see if the additions will continue or not. There are still a whole bunch of cult games from this platform that deserve to join the selection. But after all, rumors about the arrival of the Gameboy and the Gameboy Advance in the catalog of the service have been hovering for a while, and these consoles could well come to take the place of the monthly releases of N64 games.

As a reminder, the Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack subscription is offered at the price of 39€99 per year for an individual account and 69€99 for a family account, and does not only offer a selection of Nintendo 64 games, but also a Mega Drive catalog as well as the DLCs ofAnimal Crossing: New Horizons and Mario Kart 8.

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