Pokémon will be full of exclusive announcements this week

There will obviously be plenty to do this week for all the pokemaniacs. Upstream of Pokemon Dayannual meeting set for February 27, the Pokémon Company has announcement a whole week of news turning around games in the franchise, whether console or mobile episodes. If we still do not know the nature of these announcements, we already know which titles will be affected by this burst of news…

Pokémon Day is getting ready in advance

Hostilities will begin tomorrow February 22 with a first news for Pokémon Sword and Shield, the last main episode released in 2019. Since the release of its two expansions Isolarme and Couronneige in 2020, the game has no new DLC planned for the moment, but that could well change from tomorrow. Nevertheless, given the age of the game, it would be surprising to see a big announcement land, Nintendo probably wanting to focus on its more recent releases.

The next day, February 23, will be dedicated to Pokemon Cafe ReMix, the free-to-start puzzle game available on Nintendo Switch and smartphones. The last major update for this management and puzzle title came late last year with the addition of a plethora of new game modes. Another cross-platform game will also be in the spotlight on Thursday, February 24 : Pokemon Unite, the franchise’s free-to-play MOBA available on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android, will be entitled to its own announcement. We can undoubtedly expect the addition of new playable Pokémon in the cast of the game, or a new map.

The P25 anniversary music festival will be on the front page of Friday 26, while this Saturday 27 will be dedicated to Pokemon Go. The smartphone game continues to receive content and keep its user base alive, several years after its release. Finally, this Sunday 28 (official day of Pokémon Day) will also be the scene of new announcements, without more information however. But it’s a safe bet that Pokemon Legends: Arceusthe latest game in the franchise, will be mentioned at one time or another… So be patient.

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