Polestar now free to sell its cars in France

Polestar will be able to sell its vehicles in France. The manufacturer has sorted out its legal problems with Citroën, which accused it of a logo a little too close to that of DS.

Polestar cars will be able to break into France! The manufacturer, a 100% electric subsidiary of Volvo and Geely, was the subject of a complaint filed in 2019 by Citroën. The French group, owned by Stellantis (Peugeot, Fiat, etc.), believed that the similarities between the DS and Polestar logos could cause confusion among consumers.

The legal procedure buried

The DS logo represents two chevrons placed one on top of the other. That of Polestar takes up the idea of ​​the two chevrons, but positioned in the shape of a star. The legal proceedings had resulted in the prohibition of the use of the Polestar brand in France.

The hatchet is buried: the case was indeed settled amicably, ” both parties can now use their trademark worldwide “, explained a spokesperson for Polestar. On the other hand, no additional information has filtered on the agreement.

In Europe, Polestar vehicles are marketed in 15 countries, to which will therefore be added France which, of course, is one of the largest automotive markets on the continent. The brand intends to expand even more widely around the world. Already present in North America, in several countries in Asia and the Middle East, the manufacturer is targeting 30 countries by the end of next year.

Polestar does not specify when it intends to officially launch in France, nor the vehicles that will be available. The catalog currently has a coupé and a sedan, an SUV will follow next month and then a coupé SUV next year. We also expect, in 2024, a 4-door coupe sedan. If the manufacturer is targeting 290,000 sales by 2025, in the first half of this year it sold 21,200 units.

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