Polish mine hides paleontological treasure

Dinosaurs have never been very present in Poland, but the situation has just changed in the country. We have just made a considerable discovery there.

Finding dinosaur footprints or bones from this distant era in Earth’s history is no easy task. It often takes a good dose of luck to find these remains from another era. Polish paleontologists have just made a fortuitous discovery of considerable importance.

In total, more than 100 dinosaur footprints were discovered in a clay mine in Borkowice, a town 130 kilometers from Warsaw. Prints 200 million years old in enough detail so that the scales of the paws are visible. “We have traces left by dinosaurs running, swimming, resting and sitting “, Reports geologist Grzegorz Niedzwiedzki.

Species up to 6 meters high

Among the hundreds of footprints found, scientists believe they belonged to 7 different species. With claws measuring up to 40 centimeters long, these dinosaurs must have grown up to 6 meters high. A discovery of size for the experts of the country, who are certainly not at the end of their discovery.

For the Polish Geological Institute and the National Research Institute, it is a real “treasure” and this discovery places Poland on the map of the regions of the world inhabited by dinosaurs. According to Grzegorz Pieńkowski, at the origin of this discovery “This will make this site the largest such collection in Europe. ”

In fact, in total, no less than two hundred blocks of diverse rock have to be analyzed. Scientists say these rocks contain dinosaur fossils and possibly even bones. This is, without a doubt, the greatest paleontological discovery in the history of Poland, if not from Europe.

As a reminder, the Earth was populated by very diverse species 200 million years ago. Present on Earth for a few million years, they had had time to develop on all continents.

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