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Pornhub, Tukif, Xhamster… take advantage, these sites may close in a few days

The regulator of good morals of the PAF and the Internet has just issued an ultimatum to five pornographic sites among the most popular in France, which are threatened with closure within two weeks.

The noose is tightening around pornographic sites. This Monday, December 13, five of the most popular platforms in France were put on notice by the CSA, which threatens to block their access in France after a court decision. The only way out for Pornhub, Tukif, Xhamster, Xvideos and Xnxx is to offer tighter control over access to their content by minors. The only banner currently offered at the opening of platforms, and requiring the majority of Internet users, is in fact deemed insufficient by the French gendarme.

After a long deliberation, the verdict has finally fallen: pornographic sites will have to offer better control of the age of Internet users, otherwise they will no longer be available in France. “A minor, and in particular a child who finds himself in front of unsuitable content, such as pornographic content, can be durably, and at least, shocked”, storms the Superior Audiovisual Council at the microphone of AFP, which now calls for “The responsibility of operators, who must put in place the necessary measures to prevent minors from accessing their content”.

Not that easy

Legally, the Penal Code prohibits exposing minors to pornographic content. The law of July 30, 2020 specifies, however, that these criminal proceedings can be avoided, as long as the incriminated companies (here, adult sites) are satisfied with ask internet users if they are over 18 before accessing their content. It must be said that to date, no solution really exists to verify the age of an Internet user with reliability and precision, without involving the sharing of personal and sensitive data.

Several avenues have however been explored by the CSA, such as control of an identity document, facial recognition, or the imprint of a bank card. Although potentially effective, all of these devices actually require huge financial investments, the risk of major data leaks, and above all the inability to really know who is behind a passport scan or bank card. Until now, the sites concerned hoped to be able to work in collaboration with the CSA so that the latter provides them with viable solutions. Too bad for them, it will ultimately not be the case. The authority leaves them another fifteen days to succeed in finding a viable solution.

Will the CSA ban porn?

Since the entry into force of the law of July 30, 2020 on domestic violence, the CSA has the right to seize the president of the judicial tribunal to block certain websites. The recent decision against the big names in the pornographic industry dates back to the end of last November, when three associations for the protection of children (the Observatory of parenthood and digital education, the National Union family associations and the French Council of Associations for the Rights of the Child) jointly approached the CSA on the subject.

By asking Pornhub and others to better control the age of their visitors, the CSA knows that it is possibly attacking the entire free mainstream pornography industry. A decision that could impact the sites concerned, but not only, and call into question the very legality of online pornography in our country. For their part, the complainant associations said to themselves “Very happy with this initiative of the CSA and confident that it will succeed. It is important to put pressure on pornographic sites so that they cannot continue to violate the legal framework of the industry they have chosen ”, reports AFP.

With companies respectively established in Cyprus (for Pornhub and Xhamster), in Portugal (Tukif) and in the Czech Republic (Xvideos and Xnxx), the last five companies in the viewfinder of the CSA all appear, with the exception of Tukif, in the ranking from 50 most visited sites in France, reports the audience measurement site SimilarWeb.

If the offending platforms find no solution within fifteen days, the CSA will be legally entitled to force ISPs to block access to sites in order to redirect Internet users to an information message hosted by the CSA. A DNS modification that would not be flawless: in addition to being easily bypassed, it could also cause a serious denial of service attack on the site of the French gendarme (the site becomes inaccessible, because overwhelmed by too many connection requests), undoubtedly not used to receiving so many visits.

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