Pornhub under investigation for child pornography, Visa and Mastercard suspend payments

Following a complaint of child pornography, Visa and Mastercard have suspended payments on Pornhub.

Pornhub is in the sauce. This week, the American justice authorized the continuation of an investigation against Visa. The payment platform is accused of knowingly facilitating the dissemination of child pornography images through the famous adult site. A situation obviously refuted by Visa, but which had serious consequences on trade agreements between the two parties. According to Visa CEO Alfred Kelly, the situation has created “a new uncertainty” on the role of TrafficJunky and its parent company MindGeek (also owner of Pornhub) in the child pornography industry.

While Visa strongly contests the judge’s decision, the company has nevertheless decided to take the lead, by suspending all payment services on Pornhub. She also indicated that she was quitting “until further notice” any business relationship with Mind Geek. A decision quickly followed by its competitor Mastercard.

An additional pressure that could push the X site to finally take its responsibilities. “It is Visa’s policy to follow the law of each country in which we do business. We do not make moral judgments about legal purchases made by consumers” said the CEO of the firm. “Visa can only be used on sites (…) that employ adult professional actors for legal entertainment”.

MindGeek defends itself

Unsurprisingly, MindGeek has always defended having intentionally disseminated child pornography videos, and more generally any illegal content such as revenge porn, or sexual assault. In a press release, the X giant explains: “The reality is that MindGeek has the most comprehensive protections in the history of the user-generated platform in place.“. The case should shed light on the story, for an outcome that both parties hope in their favor.

However, this case is not based on mere allegations. In 2020, a young woman filed a lawsuit against Visa after her ex-boyfriend shared a revenge porn video of her, then 13. Viewed several million times, the latter quickly established itself as the symbol of the fight against the CSAM (child sexual abuse material). Since then, 34 other women have joined Serena Fleites’ complaint.

Remember that in France, Pornhub is also in bad shape. Arcom has been threatening for several months to block pornographic platforms in order to protect minors.

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