Prey: the new Predator film breaks audience records on Hulu and Disney+

The trailers hadn’t lied: apart from a perfectly forgettable soundtrack, Prey is a real action movie bomb, the worthy successor to the predator of John McTiernan starring Schwarzie. The effective staging, the gore and brutal scenes, the superbly filmed pure action sequences (anthological moment when the young Comanche, played by Amber Midthunder, gets rid of several settlers with her tomawak attached to a rope). Pure and uninhibited action at Disney+, we hadn’t seen that for… too long.

Prey Predator

This return to quality (92% on Rotten Tomatoes), after several filthy mediocre opuses, also has an impact on the audience. Hulu (which belongs to Disney+), thus confirms that Prey broke the platform’s audience records (without providing precise figures). This is really timely when Disney + displays an Olympic form and explodes the counters in terms of new subscribers.

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