Price, weight and latest info on the PS5 and XSX version

Price, weight and latest info on the PS5 and XSX version

In a little less than ten days, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online will still afford yet another reissue, almost 10 years after its release on PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. This time, it’s on the next-gen playstation5 and Xbox Series X|S that Rockstar Games’ biggest hit to date will land once again, first in a digital edition on March 15, 2022 before receiving a physical edition in the following month.

If we are still waiting for information on the pricing and the release date of the latter, we already know the price of its digital leaning on the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store.

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GTA V changes prices depending on the consoles

However, it will be necessary to follow well to understand the differences in pricing between the two platforms, starting with the Xbox Series X|S consoles. On the Microsoft Store, two offers are currently available for pre-order: Grand Theft Auto V in full edition, including story mode and Onlinecharged € 19.99 – a reduction that will be offered until June 14. Grand Theft Auto Online will be available separately for €9.99, and will also see its price doubled on the same date, once the promotion has ended.

On PlayStation, however, everything is very different: the agreement between Sony and Rockstar Games allows PS5 players to enjoy free Grand Theft Auto Online next-gen version, without having to go through the checkout. Finally, the complete edition of Grand Theft Auto V is offered at a reduced price, therefore, at €9.99. These promotions will also end on June 14, 2022.

For those who want to prepare in advance before the arrival of the game, we already know the disk space needed to download GTA V on next-gen. On Xbox Series X | S, you will have to make room: count 94 GB to download Grand Theft Auto V and its online multiplayer counterpart. Finally, the PlayStation 5 benefits, as usual, from the optimization of game files by its SSD technology with a lighter weight: 86.37GB.

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