Roborock S7 noir et blanc

[Prise en main] Roborock S7: the robot vacuum cleaner that leaves no quarter

With the Roborock S7, Xiaomi take the gamble of the robot vacuum cleaner whose cleaning function is not a simple useless bonus. The Roborock S7 is thus presented as the top of the range from Xiaomi, a device equipped with a laser rangefinder (with truly formidable efficiency) and a system for washing floors by sonic vibrations. Our test model having experienced major problems when synchronizing with the app – this may be due to the configuration of my WiFi on the SFR network – we will content ourselves here with a grip … which should all the same convince the most reluctant to this type of technology.

Roborock S7 black and white

A simplified start-up, but …

Starting up the Roborock S7 should not pose any problems: the small charging station once attached to a power outlet, the Roborock S7 is ready to be re-inflated and wisely awaits WiFi pairing from there. ‘dedicated app. If in our case this pairing was generally unsuccessful, the multitude of tests on the product shows that the operation generally ends well. In mode plug-and-play, after a simple press on the left button of the device (on the three buttons visible on the front), the Roborock S7 is activated and it’s already quite a business! The laser rangefinder which overhangs the machine is indeed a formidable efficiency. The machine cleans the floor rationally and does not forget any corner of the room, which proves in passing that it establishes a perfectly precise map of its surroundings.

Roborock S7 Photo 6 1024x768

Precision and power of the suction

The precision of the laser range finder is also noticeable in the way the Roborock S7 sucks around chair legs or over wall edges, down to the millimeter (and that’s no exaggeration). The S7 is also particularly powerful (2,500 pa): the robot vacuum cleaner effortlessly climbs the ledge that separates one of the rooms from the main corridor, a test that ended in failure (or a painful climb) for everyone. our other robot vacuum cleaners. A real bulldozer (in a good sense), the S7 therefore performs its task without hindrance and above all without blocking the slightest piece of carpet lying around. As for its suction power, we remain silent: everything goes, including the hair of our two cats firmly clinging to the carpet! In this regard, we note that the Roborock S7 automatically adapts its suction power according to the floors cleaned. In the end, one should easily turn between 90 and 100% of the dirt removed from the floor, and once again, without any area having been forgotten during the cleaning sequence.

Roborock S7 Photo 4 1024x768

An easily accessible dust bin … but small

Small disappointment, however, if the dust container (with HEPA filter) is very easily accessible, it is also very small (only 0.4 liters), which will require emptying it more often. The device does not also have a particularly remarkable autonomy (a little over an hour, and presto, back to base). Fortunately, its efficiency allows it to ensure the essentials before the automatic return to the terminal. We note in this regard that the machine always manages to find its charging station, even when it shows its first signs of fatigue in a room other than that of the terminal or when it has been moved manually in the meantime. The laser rangefinder is definitely a formidable efficiency (yes, we have already said).

Roborock S7 Photo 3 1024x768

Roborock S7 Photo 5 1024x768

The Roborock S7 really fits everywhere

3000 vibrations / minute for the washing function

On the washing side, the 3000 minute vibrations of the s7 make it possible to overcome slightly encrusted dirt … if it is not too encrusted. We have not had the opportunity to come and test this function, but most of the tests specify that the floor washing function of the Roborock S7 is as effective as that of robots only dedicated to washing! In any case, the S7 manages to spot the stains on the ground and spends a certain amount of time there in order to ensure the most optimum cleaning possible. Finally, note that the S7 water tank has a capacity of 0.3 liters.

Roborock S7 Photo 1 1024x768

Roborock S7 2 1024x768

Conclusion: excellent value for money for a versatile cleaning robot

Very efficient and precise in vacuuming, the Roborock S7 is a true versatile vacuum cleaner-floor robot which ultimately only fishes in a few details (weak autonomy, noisy). Highly recommendable.


The Roborock S7 is available for sale on Amazon for around 520 euros and in two models, black and white:

Roborock S7 black

Roborock S7 white

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