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production is declining and stocks will soon be insufficient

Nintendo will reduce its production of Switch consoles. Bad news as the holidays approach, which could create a shortage of Japanese consoles by the end of the year.

Nintendo’s hybrid portable console was released in early 2017. Seen by some as the sequel to the Wii U, despite an inglorious legacy, the small console quickly established itself as a must have in many homes, the console appeals to parents and children alike. Since its release, the Switch has seduced, and sales continue to do very well for the youngest Nintendo. The Japanese firm has also recently offered its audience an OLED version of its console. The latter is already available on the Nintendo website.

Nintendo Switch OLED

But while everything seems to be going for the best for Nintendo, which continues to develop, the Japanese firm is forced to reduce its production by 20% for the end of the year 2021. Indeed, the game console industry is very disturbed. And while the PS5s are still scarce, the Nintendo Switch at the moment seemed capable of falling through the cracks of this semiconductor shortage. But ultimately, the Japanese brand was caught up by the reality of the industry, and it must now reduce its production, for lack of basic materials, essential to the creation of such a console.

A spokesperson for the firm said that Nintendo was in the process of evaluating the impact of this shortage on the production of the brand in the more or less long term. But this announcement of a drop in production is anything but good news a few months before the end of the year holidays, when the Switch should, again this year, be the star under the trees of many families.

An upcoming Switch shortage?

Not to mention the shortage for Nintendo’s small console, brand president Shuntaro Furukawa had already admitted that the company was unable to meet demand, and produce as many consoles as it needed. Game consoles could therefore become an even more precious commodity as the holiday season approaches. If the PS5s are still almost impossible to find, the Xbox Series consoles are doing a little better, although resellers are not drowning in inventory.

For its part, Nintendo hopes that production, although reduced, will succeed in producing enough orders so that all potential customers of the Japanese firm are satisfied and leave with their console under their arm. According to the latest figures from Nintendo, which dates back to June, the Switch was Nintendo’s second best-selling home console, with 89.04 million units sold. While the numbers were down from 2020, they are still very correct for the colorful little console, which may even hope to overtake the Wii as the brand’s best-selling home console. For this it will be necessary to exceed 101.63 million units, the figure of the Wii to date.

Nintendo Switch OLED

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