Promobot wants your face for its next humanoid robots

Promobot, one of the main manufacturers of service robots in Europe, wishes to embark on the design of humanoid robots mainly dedicated to janitorial tasks. These machines would in fact be robots surmounted by a humanoid bust and mechanized arms whose sole objective would be to provide certain services in very specific places (hotel or museum entrance, payment terminal in a restaurant or supermarket, etc. etc.).

A (somewhat disturbing) prototype of this type of service robot was unveiled at CES 2020, and several of these strange service robots are already in operation in dozens of countries. But this time Promobot wants to move up a gear with robots that are something other than sophisticated automatons: Artificial intelligence, voice and facial recognition, the new range will be a little more in line with the state of the art in robotics.


Promobot’s latest prototypes are crying out for realism

Stronger still, the startup Russian says it is ready to “redeem” the face and voice of volunteers for the sum of 200,000 dollars. This amount paid, Promobot will then have an unlimited license right on these faces and voices, and can therefore reuse them in the design of the next humanoid robots. The marketing of these new robots is set for 2023.

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