Proteus: Amazon unveils its first fully autonomous warehouse robot

Proteus: Amazon unveils its first fully autonomous warehouse robot

Amazon is one of the pioneers in distribution warehouse automation technologies, and even has its robotics division dedicated to designing machines capable of transporting entire pallets. Several warehouses in the United States already have these strange machines that work in collaboration with logistics employees.

Proteus is the most advanced robot ever created by Amazon. The latter is able to scan the pallets in order to determine if they are empty (camera at 120 images/second), can read the Q Codes, and above all effortlessly transports an entire pallet from one end of the machine to the other. warehouse, and this in total autonomy!

This robot doped with machine learning has also been designed to recharge itself like a grown-up on its terminal and carefully bypasses the employees who would be in its path. Proteus does not (yet) completely replace the flesh and blood employees, the latter remaining necessary to simply check that everything is going smoothly.

Amazon also unveiled its new generation of robotic arm, Cardinal, which can move single packages weighing up to 15 kg. The robot arm can even select a specific checkout. Finally, a new robotic system makes it possible to optimize the storage of containers. Amazon plans to deploy its new robots soon in several of its warehouses in the United States.

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