PS5 exclusive pushed back to next October

PS5 exclusive pushed back to next October

We were expecting it for next May, but it’s finally after a little delay that Forspoken will come to fly away playstation5 : one of Sony’s most anticipated console exclusives has had its release date pushed back several months. Additional development time for the Luminous Productions teams, which therefore sees the first production shifted this spring to next fall.

It is precisely on October 11 that the action-adventure game will make its way to PS5. As stated in a press release posted on Twitter, Luminous Production has decided to allocate additional time to the development of the title to ensure the quality of the final game. The studio will dedicate the coming months to “ polish the game ” before its release, in order to “ release a game world that gamers around the world will want to experience for years to come“.

Forspoken will keep the PS5 waiting

Forspoken is the first original production of Luminous Productions, a very young studio founded in 2018 on the ashes of the development team of Final Fantasy XV it will inherit the game engine, cleverly named Luminous Engine. After contributing to the development of the latest installment of the JRPG franchise, this internal Square Enix studio has set to work on the production of a new license with Forspoken, officially unveiled to the general public in tandem with the PlayStation 5.

The title will put the player in the shoes of Frey Holland, a young New Yorker suddenly transported into the fantastic world of Athia. Faced with this new hostile environment, she will have to survive with only ally a strange bracelet endowed with conscience named Cuff. As the first trailers for the game illustrate, Forspoken put on the crossing of the ground for its ” narrative experience“, showing the heroine waltzing at full speed across wide expanses of land. The output of Forspoken is expected for October 11, 2022 on PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam. The game will remain a PlayStation 5 console exclusive for a minimum of two years.

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