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PS5 jailbreak: Sony’s console has been hacked

The jailbreak of the PS5 is well on its way to be a reality soon. The Fail0verflow team was able to hack Sony’s console and gain access that is not normally allowed for the public.

PlayStation 5 Standing and Official DualSense Controller PS5

A first hack for the PlayStation 5

In a tweet, Fail0verflow unveils an image where we can see a binary file that concerns the PS5. There are hexadecimal characters on the left and an intelligible translation of their meaning on the right. There is in particular a line which is underlined where one can read “secure loader”. This obviously refers to the secure launch of the console.

“We got all the symmetrical root keys from the PS5. They can all be retrieved via the software – including the root key specific to each console, if you search carefully ”, says Fail0verflow about his PS5 hack.

This is about symmetric cryptography. This is an encryption method for secure launch. A secure launch means there is a whole process of verifying the integrity of the device’s firmware to ensure that the digital signature matches the original one. If all is well, then the device can launch.

This discovery of Fail0verflow is in any case very bad news for Sony. The group is yet to say whether it will release its findings to the public, but other people may be able to obtain the same data. These could then be used to create a jailbreak. And a console jailbreak would make it possible to play any video game for free.

Sony knows Fail0verflow well, the group had already found a technique to jailbreak the PS3. It dates back to 2010. Sony had, unsurprisingly, not appreciated and had attacked the group. Will history repeat itself for the PlayStation 5?

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