PS5 et PS5 Digital Edition Console Officiel

PS5: Sony revises its production target downwards

The shortage of components is pushing Sony to revise its production target downwards for the PlayStation 5. According to Bloomberg, this change concerns the group’s current fiscal year.

PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition Official Console

Chip shortage affects Sony and its PlayStation 5

Sony originally aimed to produce more than 16 million PlayStation 5s by the end of its fiscal year (which ends in March). But that’s no longer relevant, with the company now expecting to produce around 14.8 million PS5s by March.

Sony is struggling with logistics and component supply as the world faces an unprecedented chip shortage. Bloomberg says component deliveries don’t always arrive on time and varying levels of vaccine deployment have complicated operations at production plants.

Unsurprisingly, Sony is already thinking about the future. The group hopes to be able to produce 22.6 million PS5s for its fiscal year which begins in 2022. But suppliers would not be so confident and believe that reaching such a goal will be complicated.

This decline follows that of Nintendo. The group recently cut its Switch sales forecast by 1.5 million for the fiscal year due to component shortages. And last night, Valve announced to postpone the launch of its Switch Deck to February 2022 due to the chip shortage.

In any case, this is not very good news for the players. The PS5 saw the light of day a year ago and the console is still complicated to buy. The demand is significantly higher than the supply. The situation is obviously not going to get better, at least not right away.

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