PUBG publisher plans to create blockchain and NFT-based games and services

Krafton, the publisher of the popular PUBG game, recently announced that it has entered into a partnership with Solana Labs. For information, PUBG is the studio’s hit game because the firm managed to gather an average of 240,000 players connected at the same time, and this, in February alone.

As for Solana, it is known to be the most successful blockchain company in the world. Its principle is to give developers the assurance of building for the long term. This partnership will allow the two companies to create games and blockchain technologies. Soon, Krafton will publish games based on non-fungible tokens (NFT).

What does this collaboration consist of?

The Krafton studio has decided to join forces with Solana Labs to design and market games and services based on blockchain and NFT. Indeed, Solana Labs is known in the field of blockchain development.

The studio claims that is why the cooperation took place. According to a reliable source, this collaboration will be based on the long term. The studio wanted to express itself on its choice of partner. He claims that with Solana Labs, they will have the ability to develop games and other technologies over the long term while providing them with predictable scaling without compromising security or compositeness. In addition, Solana has a blockchain in direct competition with Ethereum which allows for faster and lower cost transactions.

The studio has already planned other collaborations

A few months before the formalization of this partnership with the company Solana Labs, the studio had already announced that it was collaborating with Naver Z in the field of blockchain. He also shared his project which is “web 3.0”. This project aims to build a platform dedicated to the metaverse and accessible from non-fungible tokens. Moreover, the studio claims to have felt a drop in its actions in the face of the diversity of its competitors. Because of this, the company does not want to miss any opportunity to be able to collaborate with large blockchain companies.

After the success of its game PUBG, the studio is starting to invest little by little in the metaverse and blockchain games. Moreover, the metaverse industry could be valued up to 1500 billion dollars until 2030.


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