Qualcomm multiplies partnerships with Bose and Meta

Qualcomm intends to remain at the heart of innovations in audio and augmented reality. The American founder has announced two partnerships aimed at integrating its chips into future products from Bose and Meta.

The IFA is not just a show where manufacturers unveil their new products. It’s also the perfect time to roll out the red carpet for your partners! Qualcomm did not fail to highlight two of them during the event, starting with the joint work with Bose.

For audio and mixed reality

The audio product manufacturer integrates Qualcomm platforms for voice and wireless music into its headphones, headsets, speakers and sound bars. The two companies have been working together for years, and it’s not about to stop: Bose will use Qualcomm’s S5 Audio system-on-chip in its future devices.

These chips reduce power consumption compared to previous models, which is a significant improvement for devices as small as headphones. Qualcomm didn’t stop there: the company also announced a multi-year partnership with Meta to collaborate on the development of mixed reality (XR) platforms.

Obviously, the foundry and the social network have been collaborating together for a long time on virtual reality technologies, as we saw for the Quest 2. But Meta needs to shift gears for the metaverse which integrates virtual elements into the real environment. This requires even more power than for virtual reality.

The Snapdragon XR platforms will leave future Quest headsets, confirmed Mark Zuckerberg. ” Unlike smartphones, the creation of virtual reality poses new multidimensional challenges in spatial computing “Explains the founder of Facebook and boss of Meta. Qualcomm’s chips will help us push virtual reality to its limits and deliver amazing experiences “.

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