Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain) would be bought by the NetEase Games studio!

One of the jewels of the “French” video game will it pass under the Chinese flag? The journalist Tom Henderson, often from very good sources, indeed reports that the Parisian studio to which we owe some marvels like Nomad’s Soul, Heavy Rain or Detroit: Become Human, would be acquired by NetEase Games one of the heavyweights of the Asian JV.


A screenshot of the excellent adventure game Detroit: Become Human

At the end of the transaction (which would therefore be well advanced), NetEase Games would own 100% of the shares of Quantic Dreams. The French studio, which is said to have great difficulty in scaling up for the development of star wars eclipse, would then benefit from the deep pockets of one of the world’s video game giants. NetEase Games thus achieved a turnover of 8.8 billion euros last year, partly thanks to the monumental success of mobile games Harry Potter: Magic Emerges (whose DA is objectively fabulous).

The acquisition of Quantic Dreams would also allow the Chinese studio to make a name for itself in the console and PC game sector, where the latter is still very little present.

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