Quantum computing could take hold in just ten years

Moore’s Law is starting to have some hiccups. The fine engraving that reaches the physical limits and the very architecture of current processors already no longer make it possible to obtain the power gains that would be necessary for the heaviest calculations, unless thousands of processors are arranged in neural computer networks. within increasingly massive supercomputers (in contrast to the race to miniaturize processors).

Quantum computer

These limits are set to be shattered with the advent of quantum computing. IBM, Google and other big names in tech already have their prototypes, but if we are to believe the analysis firm IDC, everyone or almost everyone should pass … within ten years to sadness ! IDC predicts that, faced with the shortness of conventional computing, the quantum alternative will act as a powerful magnet for financiers. Investments on Quantum Computing would thus increase from $ 412 million per year to $ 8.6 billion in 2027!

This rain of dollars should set off a virtuous circle, with ever more powerful quantum computers (and therefore capable of reaching the stage of quantum supremacy *), more easily exploitable, and increasingly accessible in terms of prices.

* Quantum supremacy is that moment in the history of computing when quantum computers will be able to perform operations totally inaccessible to conventional computers.

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