Racism, sexism, greenwashing… why is the ZEvent 2022 (still) controversial?

The charity event will take place this year, but is not immune to several controversies even before its launch.

After a record year for the ZEvent, the most profitable charity event of the year intends to break a new record, exceeding 10 million euros in donations for its 2022 edition. Formalized a few hours ago, the program has already been the subject of several criticisms. We take stock of the situation.

Several absent from the line-up

Like every year, the ZEvent will bring together some of the most influential streamers and streamers in France to participate in a massive fundraising. The time of 50 hours of live which will be held from September 9 to 11, 2022, the event created by Zerator already promises to bring together beautiful people. After a musical show provided by PVNova, LittleBigWhale, Frenche Fuse, Berywam, Bigflo and Oli or even Soprano, 56 streamers will also be there to put on a show and accumulate pledges.

The full list (available on the event’s official website) is long, and should bring together many video game personalities, from Antoine Daniel to Doigby and Domingo, via Jeel, MisterMV, Sardoche or even Skyyart and Ultia. A line-up that is obviously not unanimous. On social networks, the absence of Squeezie, Locklear, Gotaga, Kameto or even Inoxtag has not gone unnoticed, to the point of raising certain ethical questions.

On Twitter, the main interested parties quickly took the floor to deny the accusations of racism. Many explained that they were simply not available at the time of the event. For others, the reason for this absence is not difficult to imagine. Last year, streamer Locklear received a lot of criticism — from his community, but also from other streamers — for his tax evasion on the island of Malta.

For its part, if Inoxtag has established itself as the 2021 revelation, a scene has created unease, when the 19-year-old young man had guest on his live the Mexican actress Andrea Pedrero. Following several sexist behaviors, the streamer Ultia was notably stepped up, calling for the stop of the live. At the time, this reaction had earned the young woman a wave of harassment, which seems to be repeated when Inox will not participate in the 2022 edition.

A controversial association

After Action Against Hunger, this year it’s the GoodPlanet Foundation’s turn to benefit from the support of French streamers. A critical choice, since the association founded by Yann Arthus-Bertrand is notably accused of greenwashing. Note that among its main contributors, we find in particular the Total Energy group, with which Goodplanet signed a partnership in 2017. More recently, the foundation also had supported the World Cup in Qatar, and in particular its fully air-conditioned open-air stadiums. On Twitter, GoodPlanet called the accusations about it “deserved”, while indicating that a “mistake” had been made.

For their part, the organizers of Zevent announced that all donations made during the lives would be traced precisely.

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