Rayman Origins offered on PC for Ubisoft’s 35th anniversary

After offering Assassin’s Creed Chronicles A few weeks ago, Ubisoft offered a new game from its catalog for the 35th anniversary of the studio’s creation. This time it’s the platform game Rayman origins which is available for free on PC via the Ubisoft Connect platform. Usually billed around ten euros, the title is already downloadable by eye, and that until December 22, at 10 p.m. French.

Back to the basics

Released in 2011 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, Rayman origins presents itself as a homecoming for the former mascot of Ubisoft. After several episodes in 3D like Rayman 2 and Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, then the spin-off series that gave birth to the plethora of products Rabbids, the man without arms nor legs is the star of his own platform game. However, it is a very different style of gameplay from the first game. Rayman 1995: we are dealing here with a pure die’n’retry, where many checkpoints dot the different levels of the game.

The 2D recipe

All in 2D, this is the first Ubisoft title to use the UbiArt Framework, a game engine that facilitates 2.5D game development by directly integrating animations. Subsequently, many games from the French publisher used this game engine, including the RPG Child of Light or the adventure game Unknown soldiers: Memories of the Great War in 2014. We also find the UbiArt Framwork in Rayman legends, Following Rayman origins released in 2013.

The synopsis of the game comes directly from its official page on the Ubisoft site:

When the Glade of Dreams is invaded by evil Dark Lums, the Fairy Council then summons Rayman to save it. But the hero of the light is not quite what the Council expected … In the company of his best friend, Globox, the most wacky tandem in the world will have to restore the peaceful climate in the clearing or they will witness the disappearance of their world so loved forever …

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