Razer (finally) launches its ultimate anti-covid mask … and it’s already out of stock

Razer has just launched its famous high-tech mask to protect itself from viruses, the Zephyr. Unfortunately, it is already out of stock …

At the start of the year, the brand specializing in all kinds of gaming accessories unveiled a funny product, initially called Project Hazel and then renamed as Razer Zephyr. In the midst of a global pandemic, Razer had the idea to make an FFP2 mask intended to protect us from Covid-19.

Far removed from the surgical masks that have permeated our daily lives for nearly a year and a half, the Razer’s mask has an impressive set of tools to prevent the slightest virus from approaching your nostrils.

Inside the Razer Zephyr, there are several microphones, as well as an amplifier on the outside to amplify the sound of your voice. Two N95 level filters (FFP2 equivalent) are placed on either side of the mask to regulate the air flow and provide bacterial filtration capable of filtering at least 95% of airborne particles.

There is also a cooling system and active air regulation, an internal anti-fog coating and, Razer obliges, customizable RGB LEDs.

In June, the brand promised a launch in October, and it has just kept its promise! Problem: Like the next-gen consoles of the PS5 and Xbox Series, Razer’s high-tech goggle is already out of stock, whether it’s the standard version that sells for € 109.99 apiece or the filter pack sold for € 34.99.

In the meantime, you can always visit the Zephyr page on Razer’s official store for more information on possible availability.

“Not a medical device”

The brand specifies on its site that “The Zephyr is not a medical device, respiratory device, surgical mask, or personal protective equipment (PPE). It is not intended for use in a medical or clinical setting. It is not specifically tested against the COVID-19 virus, but offers the same functionality and adequate protection due to its bacterial filtration efficiency rating of 99%. “

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