Fart Jar NFT

Reality TV star sells her farts in NFT on TikTok

Selling virtual farts in NFT, a trend that is booming on social networks.

The NFT madness continues. After being crowned “word of the year” by the prestigious Collins dictionary, non-fungible tokens are entering an increasingly inventive, if not sometimes completely absurd, virtual market. A few days ago, the American reality TV star Stephanie Matto formalized the marketing of its own farts … in the form of NFT.

An accomplished “fartrepreneuse”

Revealed in the show 90 days Fiance on the TLC channel, Stephanie Matto quickly succeeded in getting out of the game on social networks, and in particular on TikTok, where the young woman has nearly 110,000 subscribers. A few months ago, she finally launched a business as original as it is flourishing: the sale of her own farts in jars. The idea seems completely stupid, but it is reminiscent of the initiative of influencer Belle Delphine, who in 2019 had accumulated a small fortune by selling her bath water.

AT $ 500 per jar of gas, Stephanie Matto created a profitable business, as she quickly bragged about having pocketed several hundred thousand dollars through her business, soberly called Fart Jar. A success that finally got the better of her health, since last December, she was hospitalized for severe gastric problems. By dint of eating almost exclusively protein muffins, dried beans and eggs, the young woman finally had to change her diet and take anti-gas treatment, which had the effect of putting an end to her recent activity. of “Fartrepreneuse”.

A trend that is on the rise

Despite her forced retirement, the self-proclaimed one “Millionaire Fart Jar” still has resources. Rather than selling her real farts, the young woman finally had the idea of ​​marketing them… in the form of NFT. For only” 0.05 ETH, or 167 € at the time of writing this article, Stephanie Matto thus offers her fans a moving image of one of her famous jars, but also a private chat with her, a conference on fartreprenariat, access to a Discord channel, as well as profile photos for social networks.

Note that on 4000 NFT put up for sale, 100 will be redeemable for real jars filled with the gas of the reality TV star. 70 others could be exchanged for real (used) underwear that had belonged to him. After all why not ?

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