Rebel Moon, Zack Snyder’s “Star Wars” is revealed in pictures

Zack Snyder has just unveiled concept art for his next project with Netflix: Rebel Moon. First major science fiction film from the director of 300 and Justice League, the filmmaker obviously sought his inspiration from Star Wars, Dune but also from his own films like Sucker Punch.

As you may know, Zack Snyder had many ideas in mind for the Justice League sequel: the death of Batman, the appearance of the Superman’s son, the never-to-be-seen trilogy was shaping up to be thrilling . Unfortunately, the catastrophic results of the Justice League (we are talking about the version butchered by Joss Whedon and Warner Bros of course) put an end to the ambitions of the director of the Snyder Cut and the excellent Watchmen: The Guardians.

Its relations with Warner being slightly tense, Zack Snyder has decided to make a fresh start with Netflix. After giving birth to the sympathetic Army of the Deadthe filmmaker is therefore working on a brand new project: Rebel Moon. This will be the director’s very first straight science fiction film.

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Rebel Moon: the ambitious “Star Wars” of Netflix and Snyder

And what will Rebel Moon talk about? According to the pitch shared by Zack Snyder, the film’s story begins in a space colony located on the edge of the galaxy. While being targeted by the galactic tyrant Balisarius, a young woman manages to escape and decides to go in search of allies across the universe.

On the artistic direction side, the director has just revealed several concept art of Rebel Moon. The opportunity to see the filmmaker’s inspirations, between Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, SuckerPunch, the 7 Samurai without forgetting Star Wars of course. Note that Netflix is ​​thinking big with Rebel Moon, since the platform intends to make a saga out of it, if success is obviously there.

To put the odds on his side, Zack Snyder called on a 5-star cast including Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Arnachy), Djimon Hounsou (Gladiator, Blood Diamond), Ray Fisher (Cyborg in the Justice League), or again the French Sofia Boutella (Kingsman: Secret Services). Rebel Moon does not yet have an official release there is little chance of discovering it in 2022.

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