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record of donations, sexist harassment… What should we remember from the event?

For its sixth edition, the Z Event broke its own donation record, but also had to face a controversy for sexist comments and harassment.

This weekend, the French-speaking stars of Twitch and YouTube met in Hérault, at the Palais des Congrès de la Grande Motte, to participate in the now traditional Z Event. For its sixth edition, the charity event brought together more than fifty streamers, the time of two days of live interrupted for the benefit of the NGO Action Against Hunger. A lucrative year for the association, which pocketed more than 10 million euros at the end of the event, an absolute record. By comparison, last year, the event did not manage to collect “than” 5.7 million euros for Amnesty International.

Record of donations

Thanks to the support of Internet users, the Z Event has therefore shown a very good record this year again, collecting more than 10 million euros cumulatively. For six years now, the event organized by Zerator has continued to grow: in 2016, the operation – then called Avengers France – raised 170,000 euros for the benefit of Save the Children. Since then, each year has been synonymous with a new record of donations. The initiative was also welcomed by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron on Twitter, who addressed “A big bravo” to the initiators of the event.

Sexism and harassment

The only downside for this year is the behavior of one of the Inoxtag participants. Considered one of the most promising YouTubers of the moment, the young man has 1.57 million subscribers on his channel, and was accused of sexist comments during the event. After inviting Mexican actress Andrea Pedrero to her live, the 19-year-old streamer gave his non-French speaking guest a “she’s the coolest chick I’ve ever seen. (…) And it is I who will lift it ”. After repeating this type of comment several times on the young woman’s physique, Inoxtag then made her repeat certain sentences in French, including the very distinguished “Inox has a big dick”.

Sexist remarks that were not to everyone’s liking. Within the event itself, the streamer Ultia denounced the behavior of Inoxtag, explaining : “It is scandalous what is happening. And we, we applaud him? And we applaud someone, because everyone is fetishizing her, sexualizing her, because she doesn’t speak French, because she doesn’t understand anything ”. The streamer then said she asked the organizers to stop the Inoxtag live, while deploring the fact that the young man had been congratulated for having broken the attendance record.

Following Ultia’s intervention, and despite Inoxtag’s public apologies, the young woman finally suffered a wave of harassment from some Internet users, especially on Twitter. Dozens of threats and insults were received by the streamer. A situation to which the organizers of the event quickly reacted, condemning “The harassment that followed”.

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