RED by SFR disgusts all its rivals with an unstoppable offer 💥

You still have a few days left to take advantage of the RED by SFR 100 GB mobile plan at 15 euros! Without commitment or condition of duration, he accompanies you in France and abroad.

Want a mobile plan that really suits your needs? At the moment, RED by SFR is offering an unmissable offer that allows you to subscribe to a 100 GB package with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS for 15 euros per month. Its advantages compared to other formulas on the market? Its price will not increase after the first year, it is non-binding and you can use it in France and abroad.

If the services of your current operator do not meet your expectations in terms of mobile telephony, customer support or for any other reason and you want a new mobile plan, the offer currently offered by RED by SFR is perhaps the one that will finally satisfy you. It is true that there are many mobile plans on the market that are cheaper than that of RED by SFR.

I take advantage of this RED by SFR plan

That said, few offer such high network quality or even such wide coverage of the territory. Concretely, this package therefore logically has everything to seduce you. You won’t have to wait until the last moment since the RED by SFR 100 GB package at 15 euros runs until September 19. After this time, it will be too late!

RED by SFR: a versatile mobile plan

In terms of value for money, the RED by SFR plan is undeniably one of the best on the market. The latter, in addition to offering a very good amount of mobile data, includes basic services that will suit the majority of users. With its 100 GB, you can watch all your content, whatever it is without worrying about running out of internet.

If you are a fan of films and series, you will have plenty of time to watch your favorite episodes or the latest productions released on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video or Disney+. It will also be suitable for people whose use is more basic and who only need a lesser amount of internet. In short, this RED by SFR 100 GB mobile plan is suitable for all types of use.

As we pointed out earlier, the latter allows you to benefit from 100 GB of internet in France, and it also includes 17 GB that you can use abroad, from the European Union and the overseas departments. Likewise, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS are valid both in France and abroad – to all mobiles and landlines in mainland France and overseas departments (excluding Mayotte). This gives you a real comfort of use since this mobile plan accompanies you everywhere.

With a view to reaching a wider range of customers, RED by SFR offers alongside this 100 GB formula, two other packages on its official website. One integrating 1 GB at 5 euros, the other including 200 GB at 20 euros. In detail, here are the other formulas of RED by SFR:

  • 5 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 1 GB of Internet and 1 GB from the EU and the overseas departments
  • 20 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 200 GB of Internet and 20 GB from the EU and the overseas departments

Options to customize your plan

In addition to their contained prices, RED by SFR mobile plans are easily customizable. The operator makes it possible, through options, to enrich the basic services. For example, you can increase the amount of data available abroad to 20 GB – and add Canada and the USA to it in addition to the countries available in the basic plan.

Also, if you want to switch from a 4G plan, it is possible, by activating another option (only on the 100 GB and 200 GB plans). Their price ? They are charged 5 euros more each month. You can configure your plan as you wish, directly from the free RED & Me application which also allows you to manage your offer with ease (invoices, details of internet consumption, online assistance, etc.).

If you want to switch to RED by SFR, this is clearly the right time to do so. Especially since only a few minutes are enough to subscribe and you can even keep your current number and easily transfer it to him. Rapide is 100% free, the process consists of calling 3179 to obtain your RIO code (unique to your number).

It is the latter that you will need to fill in in the field provided for this purpose once on the package subscription page. Then, RED by SFR will take care of the transfer of your number but also the termination of your old plan if necessary.

In short, the RED by SFR mobile plan is ultra advantageous and offers you great flexibility. Without commitment or duration, it can be configured as you wish, without forgetting that you can count on the RED by SFR customer service, reputed to be responsive and competent, with advisers always ready to help you when you need it.

To discover the RED by SFR package, it’s right here:

I take advantage of this RED by SFR plan

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