RED by SFR is not kidding, it is bleeding the price of new iPhone 13s

The iPhone 13 is in the spotlight for Black Friday. If you want to pick the latest high-end smartphone from Apple, it’s now or never.

The iPhone 13 are the last iPhone unveiled by Apple, they have been official since last September. This premium range is made up of four models capable of meeting all your expectations (iPhone 13 mini, 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max). If Apple does not offer discounts on its catalog, you have the opportunity to find your next smartphone at a reduced price via RED by SFR. The operator sells it alone, with no associated subscription.

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Black Friday started in November at RED by SFR and more traditional online merchants. During this operation, you have the chance to find very generous discounts. The iPhone 13 but also other references just as premium in telephony (only) are at a discount. On the other hand, this event requires to be fast enough to arrive before the possible ruptures.

If the iPhone 13 attracts the world since their officialization, the whole range risks being the victim of a major rupture. Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke up a few weeks ago announcing that his iPhones were suffering from supply issues due to the semiconductor shortage. In short, Apple cannot produce enough to meet the strong demand at the end of the year.

An exclusive offer for Black Friday

RED by SFR is really doing very well with these offers on the new iPhone 13. If Black Friday has been a premium operation recognized for the quality of its reductions in recent years, we could not anticipate such a price reduction on smartphones. Some time ago, we had to wait more than a year to see the prices of Apple’s smartphones drop among cyber-merchants. This time, we waited less than 3 months after their formalization.

On the other hand, all Apple fans know it: the brand does not like rebates. Even during Black Friday, the prices on the iPhone 13s and the rest of the range are still the same. Fortunately, it allows some players like RED by SFR to offer discounts on its references. This is the only way to save money on a device branded with the apple logo.

This operation is the only chance of the year to find such low prices. Whether it is the iPhone 13, the rest of the Apple range as well as all the major brands, the products never display prices as low as during this essential event. A few weeks before Christmas, this is still the best opportunity to do business. In addition, you can make your gifts for the holidays or just treat yourself.

Like other online merchants, RED by SFR is obliged to offer a withdrawal period on iPhone 13. If it turned out that the smartphone did not suit you, you would have at least 14 days to change your mind – the period may vary depending on the merchant site. In the event of a return, the return of the order is free and you will be reimbursed in full. On the other hand, we remind you that we will have to act quickly to secure one.

See offers on iPhone 13s

The iPhone 13, very premium smartphones

As usual, Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 during its keynote last September. This range of four models includes the iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. This is the advantage of this generation, it offers a model for each use and each expectation. You can necessarily choose yours while respecting your expectations, here is what to remember.

All iPhone 13s run with the A15 Bionic chip, this is the latest processor imagined by Apple. It is the most powerful device on the market for smartphones, even ahead of Samsung and its Exynos 2100 chip. you use big apps. Better image processing and battery management are also part of the game.

Otherwise, one of the big differences between the phones is in the size of each model, which is 6.1 inches, 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.6 inches for the iPhone 13, 13 mini. , 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. In addition to this point, know that the basic and mini versions benefit from the same technical characteristics.

With the latest iPhone 13, Apple has improved the quality of battery life and the camera, the latter displays a new dual module on the back of the phone. Like the previous range, this one benefits from compatibility with the 5G network. Whether it is aesthetics, power, the photo part, autonomy or even the iOS operating system, you are sure to make the choice of a smartphone as powerful as it is robust.

We remind you that a shortage of semiconductors threatens the iPhone 13 as well as the other smartphones on the market, which is why we will have to be really very fast this year for Black Friday. In addition to this parameter, the operation itself is still the subject of great public interest.

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See offers on iPhone 13s

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