RED by SFR offers you the smartphone, it costs 0 euro with this special offer

RED by SFR offers you the VivoY72 5G as part of the RED Deal. We will have to act quickly to arrive before the stock runs out, here is how to take advantage of this new smartphone for 0 euro

RED by SFR is renowned for the quality of its RED Deal. These one-off operations appear on the operator’s official website for a few days before disappearing again. Unpredictable, they always allow you to receive a smartphone for free by taking a 100 GB mobile plan, the model changes over the editions.

Today, RED by SFR is giving you the Vivo Y72 5G for free. Worth 299 euros, this mid-range smartphone is a new black model with 128 GB of storage. To be entitled to it, we must act quickly to arrive before the stock shortages which should already be soon.

Take advantage of the RED Deal

Each time, the RED Deal ends before its official end date. Indeed, the public benefits immediately from the special operation by ordering the offered smartphone, so that the stock is quickly quickly and the event ends. With the Vivo Y72 5G in the spotlight today, that should still be the case. The end of this edition is scheduled for October 25 at midnight, but we advise you to take action well before this deadline so as not to miss this offer.

Which mobile plan with the Vivo Y72 5G?

To take advantage of the RED Deal and receive the Vivo Y72 5G for free, you must choose the 100 GB mobile plan at RED by SFR. Contrary to his habits, the operator puts forward a formula with a long-term commitment – while the rest of its classic range is without commitment on the part of the customer. On the other hand, also know that this package benefits from an immediate reduction compared to its initial price.

In detail, this mobile plan costs 15 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 100 GB of Internet including 13 GB from the EU and the DOM. Very balanced, this formula displays a very suitable price for a significant volume of mobile data, you are not likely to miss.

In addition, this mobile plan usually costs 20 euros per month, which means that you already save 25% of its price … In addition to receiving the Vivo Y72 5G for free. With the RED Deal, you are committed to RED by SFR for two years, a condition that does not turn out to be so restrictive – on the contrary, we are going to explain it to you.

Over two years, i.e. the commitment period, this mobile plan costs you 360 euros. If you subtract the standard price of the Vivo Y72 5G which is 299 euros, the current offer will only cost you 61 euros for two years. In the end, the price of the formula is barely 5 euros per month. Even if you spend time looking elsewhere, you won’t find a better deal than this RED Deal.

Take advantage of the RED Deal

In addition, the Vivo Y72 5G is a new smartphone, it has never been honored in previous editions of the RED Deal. RED by SFR had already distinguished itself by offering the iPhone 8, but it was then a reconditioned model. This time, the operator is doing even better with a new model which is less than six months old on the market.

The Vivo Y72 5G, a mid-range smartphone with 5G

It is worth taking a closer look at the technical characteristics of the Vivo Y72 5G offered as part of the RED Deal. This model is a mid-range smartphone made official by the brand in May 2021. It is presented as a balanced phone that does not skimp on the advantages despite a reasonable standard price. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend anything at RED by SFR to receive it for free in the days following your order.

The Vivo Y72 5G has a 6.58-inch FDH + LCD screen. We appreciate its discreet and sober design as well as the selfie camera placed in the center of the screen in a small notch in the shape of a drop of water. Otherwise, there are thin black borders and a photo module located in the upper corner on the back of the device.

In terms of power, the Vivo Y72 5G runs using the MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor. This is not the manufacturer’s latest chip, but it allows smooth and healthy use of the smartphone on a daily basis. You will be able to use your favorite mobile games with this smartphone. We also note the fact that it is compatible with the 5G network, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy an even faster connection as soon as the deployment is effective in your geographical area – if it is not already the case.

Otherwise, the Vivo Y72 5G is entitled to a 5000 mAh battery compatible with 18 W fast charging. This leaves you the possibility of using the smartphone for about two days with conventional use, without needing to recharge. We also appreciate the triple photo sensor on the back with a wide angle of 64 Mpx, an ultra wide-angle of 8 Mpx and a macro lens of 2 Mpx to take shots at the height.

The Vivo Y72 5G stands out as an excellent smartphone for everyday use thanks to its design, its battery and its camera. Do not wait any longer to take advantage of this edition of the RED Deal, knowing that you can quite resell the smartphone upon receipt if you wish. The only thing to remember is that you shouldn’t wait any longer to order this model for free from RED by SFR.

To order the Vivo Y72 5G, it’s here:

Take advantage of the RED Deal

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