Reddit adds new features for even more interactivity

Reddit is one of the most popular social networks in the world. With a very particular mode of use, the latter is still struggling to open up to new users.

Reddit is quite a paradoxical social network. Although it is known today, at least in name, by a very large audience, it remains fairly closed in on itself and the number of users is ultimately quite low given the reputation of the service. In order to become more mainstream, the social network has just offered a major update this week.

It is indeed possible since Wednesday to see the number of positive and negative votes evolve in real time. No need to refresh the article to have a sudden change, no, the votes evolve very smoothly and this allows you to better understand the interactivity available to the social network.

Always more interaction

Comments should also be eligible for this new functionality. In order to give a more precise idea of ​​the popularity of an article and its impact on the Reddit audience. But the update doesn’t stop there. In fact, still with the idea of ​​making its application as “interactive” as possible, Reddit will now display the number of people on the page of the social network you are reading. Note that this feature is only valid for more than 5 people.

Finally, regarding comments, Reddit should allow you to see when two or more people are writing about the article in question. A new way to encourage users to stay on the social network even after they have finished reading their article. Indeed, all these new modifications made by Reddit must ultimately serve to bring new users to the social network, but also to make the experience more pleasant for people already present, so that they spend more time on Reddit.

A war of attention

In the cutthroat world of social media, there is one thing that is worth all the gold in the world and that is users’ attention and time. The more they are present on the social network, the more it will earn money. The various entertainment giants such as TikTok, Facebook or even Instagram are therefore trying to keep users on their network as long as possible by redoubling their ingenuity.

Reddit comes with this update to clearly join the fight. The small community social network has new goals and it wants to grow to compete with strong opponents like Twitter, which seems to be the closest application to Reddit in terms of the content offered.

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