RedMagic 7S Pro review, an update to be up to date

Only 4 months later, Nubia is already announcing its new RedMagic 7S Pro. We spent a few weeks with it, here is our test of the RedMagic 7S Pro.

We tested the RedMagic 7 Pro just a few months ago and now Nubia has just announced its successor and therefore launched the global version of the RedMagic 7S Pro, evolution of the gaming smartphone that we tested last April. If there are many changes, we can already tell you that this update is mainly for those who missed the first model and yes, we prefer to warn you, apart from a few degrees gleaned here and there and better benchmarks, changing from the 7 Pro to the 7S Pro would not necessarily be the best deal at the moment.

As a reminder, the target audience remains very targeted, it is the one who knows exactly what he wants, namely the best possible smartphone for mobile gaming. If we hesitate, for example, with a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or a Vivo X80 Pro, we are clearly not the target. the RedMagic 7S Pro is for those looking for the best possible smartphone for mobile gaming.

Here is our review of the RedMagic 7S Pro.

RedMagic 7S Pro

RedMagic 7 Pro Features

As a reminder of the characteristics, the RedMagic 7S Pro offer you :

RedMagic 7S Pro
Screen – 6.8″ full AMOLED display
– Camera under the screen
– Full HD+ definition (1080×2400)
– 20:9 aspect ratio
– 120Hz
– HDR10+
– Max Brightness: 600nits
– DCI-P3
– Touch Sampling from 480Hz to 960Hz
SoCs and GPUs – Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
– Adreno 730
-Red Core 1
– MagicGPU technology
– ICE 10.0 cooling system
– Optional Dual-Core Ice Dock
Memory – 12GB or 18GB of LPDDR5 RAM
– Up to 6GB Virtual RAM
– 256GB or 512GB of storage in UFS 3.1
– No memory expansion
Colors – Metal outline
– Glass back
– Customizable RGB lighting
– Obsidian Finish (Black Back)
– Mercury Finish (White Transparent Back)
– SuperNova finish (Black transparent back)
Camera – Three cameras on the back:
– Wide-angle main camera: 64 Megapixels, F/1.8
– Ultra-wide-angle camera: 8 Megapixels, 120°, F/2.2
– Camera for Portrait: 2 Megapixels, F/2.4

– Phase detection autofocus
– Video recording up to 8K at 30fps and 4K at 60fps
– Slow motion mode in 1080p at 240fps or in 720p at 960fps
– 3-axis electronic stabilization
– Timelapse

– Front device under the screen with a 16 Megapixel sensor
– Wide-angle lens with an aperture of F2.0
– Front-end video recording in 1080p at 60fps or 720p at 30fps

Audio – Stereo speakers
– DTS:X Ultra Surround Sound
– 3.5mm jack socket
Battery – 5000mAh
– Fast charging up to 65W
– Qualcomm Quick Charge 5
Connectivities – 520Hz sensitive side buttons
– Fingerprint reader under the screen
-Bluetooth 5.2
– Wi-Fi 6E
– 5G
– 2x nano-SIM
– A-GPS+GLONASS, DNLA, Miracast (WiFi Direct), Google Cast
– USB 3.0, USB Type-C
– Barometer, Gyroscope, Accelerometer
– Proximity and light sensor
Software -Android 12
– Red Magic OS 5.5
Height and weight – 166.27 x 77.1 x 9.98mm
– 235g
Starting price – Obsidian (12GB + 256GB): 779 euros
– Mercury (18GB + 512GB): 949 euros
– SuperNova (18GB + 512GB): 949 euros
Availability date – August 09, 2022

Gaming positioning requires, the box of the RedMagic 7S Pro is made to attract attention. Afterwards, it remains a smartphone packaging but the decoration of the box leaves little doubt about the target of the RedMagic 7S Pro. Inside we find a fairly classic content with the smartphone, small booklets for a first grip and a small protective shell, we find a USB cable as well as a 65W GaN charger.

Design, Screen and Audio

Those who already know RedMagic 7 Pro will be on familiar ground as the RedMagic 7S Pro takes up the design of its predecessor. Two finishes will be available, the Obsidian version with an opaque back while the Mercury and SuperNova versions will offer a transparent back, respectively white and black. Note that for the transparent versions, we go from 12GB of RAM to 18GB of RAM. We do not necessarily see the differences on a daily basis, but why not. In any case, we are in the presence of a smartphone gamer. The device is imposing and its design is reminiscent of the world of PC gamers.

The finish is good and if we prefer the transparent back of the Supernova version of the 7 Pro, we appreciate this Obsidian version of the 7S Pro that we tested. On the back and in the center, we find the new ICE cooling system which goes to version 10.0 with heat dissipation management on 10 layers now (against 9 previously). In fact, we haven’t necessarily seen any differences between version 9.0 and version 10.0. The outline is still in metal and very well made. We find the two trigger buttons of the sensitive type as well as a physical switch on the left edge which will be used to launch the Game mode of the smartphone.

RedMagic 7S Pro

The screen has a diagonal of 6.8 inches with Full HD + definition. Like most, the RedMagic 7S Pro offers a full screen but with a real camera under the screen. The integration is such that you can’t see anything with the naked eye. Next, it’s still an AMOLED panel with Full HD + definition. In fact, it’s the same screen as the 7 Pro. The brightness is sufficient with 600 nits (a little less bright than the 7 Pro) and there is a refresh rate of 120Hz, to the delight of gamers. So yes, we do not find the 165Hz of the 6S Pro from last year, it is undoubtedly the price to pay for with a camera under the screen. In any case, we don’t really need more so far. If we could already have 100% support for 120Hz, that would already be a big step forward!

And finally, for the audio part, unsurprisingly, the 7S Pro takes up what the 7 Pro offers and therefore does very well. The two speakers are present on the front to ensure good stereo. After that, it’s still speakers but we can say that it’s enough for short content on the internet. Finally, we were happy to find a jack, always practical. On the other hand, we would have liked another positioning because in landscape mode, the grip hinders the grip and more particularly at the level of the left trigger.

Android 12, Performance, Video Game and Autonomy

The RedMagic 7S Pro ships Android 12 with a RedMagic OS 4.0 overlay. Unsurprisingly, the user interface is quite close to what Android Stock offers in its use. No revolution in the end, small touches to try to stand out but all in all, it’s quite classic. Everything still lacks originality. As in April, we find a gamer theme but we can always opt for a more classic theme.

RedMagic 7S Pro

On the performance side, we are not going to surprise you too much but it is above all there that we will see the difference between the 7 Pro and the 7S Pro since the latter undoubtedly embeds the best Android SoC to date, namely the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. If we compare to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, it’s 10% more performance in CPU and GPU, and especially up to 30% less energy. Also, we find results with different very high-flying benchmarks! Overall, the benchmarks are obviously excellent. Whatever your uses, the Snapdragon will get by without flinching. All games run very well, regardless of the refresh rate. In short, no bad surprise on this side.

We also find the house processor, the Red Core 1, which will take care of specific tasks to free the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 from certain tasks. Basically, it will not give more power but will manage functions that are not directly related to graphics and performance. The Red Core 1 will be able to manage, for example, audio, RGB effects or even haptic feedback. Suddenly, this allows the Snapdragon to have more resources for games and / or greedy applications.

But that’s not all since the RedMagic 7S Pro brings a new technology, the Magic GPU, which in fact makes it possible to stabilize the frames in game. With this technology, we end up with more constant performance over long gaming sessions. . To put it simply, Nubia has increased the buffer memory and offers better priority management, which keeps the game display as the top priority.

RedMagic 7S Pro

Like all its predecessors, there is an application dedicated to games which can be launched during a game and which will allow you to manage notifications, calls or other small annoyances when you are entitled to have when you play. We can also manage the shortcuts, the two triggers of the RedMagic, the level of vibration of the haptic motor or even push the smartphone to its limits in terms of power. In the uses around Call of Duty: Mobile, Diablo Immortals, Dead Cells or even Wild Rifts, the smartphone heated up a little but nothing surprising, the new ICE cooling system does its job rather well. Finally, note that unlike competitors who offer an application on the home screen, on the RedMagic, it is a physical switch on the left edge of the smartphone that will be activated to launch gamer mode. Much more practical.

And finally, we finish on the battery since we are talking about a 5000mAh battery and this, with a weight of 235g. In daily use, if I had no doubts for a whole busy day, I was able to quietly last two full days without paying any special attention. That’s fine, but that’s what we expect from a smartphone in 2022. After that, it will mainly depend on the user’s applications, which will be able to vary the autonomy. Finally, note that Nubia delivers a 65W GaN charger with the smartphone, which can be practical because it is smaller.

Photo and Video

And finally the photo, and we prefer to warn you right away, it’s exactly the same photo block as on the RedMagic 7 Pro, so we find identical performance. No new treatments or others that would mark an evolution.

So, the same for the camera under the screen. It is always so well integrated and almost invisible to the naked eye. It is therefore better than any competitor to take advantage of a full screen for games and multimedia content. Afterwards, it remains quite basic with a quality that does not really compete with the tenors, but it does the job, not to take a selfie but to stream for example.

RedMagic 7S Pro

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