Redmi Buds 3 Pro: very autonomous TWS intras, with ANC and APTx, at an entry-level price

Like what he has managed to do in the smartphone sector, Xiaomi (here under its Redmi brand) is trying to shake up the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) intras market. The Redmi Buds 3 Pro are in fact a redesigned version of the Redmi AirDots 3 Pro which are already on sale in China, the two TWS intras models share the same product code (TWSEJ01ZM). And it is an understatement to say that Xiaomi had a very good idea by launching these small headphones internationally. Because we will not make the suspense last here: the Redmi Buds 3 Pro radically change the idea that we could have of an entry-level intra TWS billed at around 50 euros. Explanations:

The return of AirDots 3 … and prettier

In terms of design, Xiaomi plays it once again very sober, with a storage and charging box that is quite small but not tiny either (it is a little longer than that of the AirDots 3 Pro), in the shape of a colored pebble. “Glacier Gray” (or “Graphite Black” depending on the model). This box recharges in just over two hours via its USB-C port, and in almost 3 hours wirelessly. Inside the case, the intras (just as round and sober) will only take an hour to recharge, but it only takes about fifteen minutes to benefit from 3 hours of autonomy. Including the reserve of the box, we therefore have about 28 hours of autonomy (less if the ANC is activated).

Redmi Buds Pro 2 1024x768

Pairing without fuss

Pressing the button in the center of the box for a few seconds, and everything is ready for pairing, which was carried out each time without any hitch (which is far from always the case with other models of intras that we had in hand). The Buds 3 Pro fit easily in the hollow of the ear, and above all keep firmly attached to your esgourdes, even in the middle of a push-up session (yes, I do push-ups in the morning).

Redmi Buds Pro 1600x450

Surprisingly decent sound for the price

And the sound quality will you tell me? It’s the good surprise over the good surprise: the sound is surprisingly correct, balanced and detailed, even if the mids sometimes lack a little presence. Be careful, we are not talking about audiophile intras here of course, but on massively instrumental titles, or songs with large synth pads (a nasty test for intras), the Buds 3 Pro does more than with the honors and avoids the effect of sonorous bouillabaisse. Thanks to the 9mm dynamic composite transducer, and thanks also for integrating the support of theaptX Adaptive, Qualcomm QCC3040 chip supporting the format. It will be recalled here that aptX Adaptive automatically chooses between high definition and low latency modes the one that is most suitable. Do you play on your mobile or watch a movie? Then it will be the low latency. Do you listen to “zick” in HD audio? So it will be high definition. Magical.

Redmi Buds Pro 3 600x450

ANC: great, but for Xiaomi / Redmi smartphones

The other big strong point is of course the “adaptive” ANC and the transparency mode, even if it is necessary to make a delicate precision here: these functions are available only for users of Redmi or Xiaomi smartphones. These functions, which are exclusive to the Xiaomi / Redmi ecosystem, are well worth our attention: the active noise reduction function adapts to the user’s sound environment, thus changing from “Light” in quiet places (park, library) from “Balancée” in a little noisier places (streets, some cafes) to “Deep” in areas with high decibels (metro, airport). The Transparency mode not only allows you to hear outside sounds but also to dialogue freely with a person (dual mode).

Redmi Buds Pro 4 600x450

Conclusion: entry level all functions included

In short, after three days of fairly intensive use, my grip (and ear) of the Buds 3 Pro only makes me regret one thing, that pairing with my iPhone 12 Pro does not give me access to adaptive ANC and transparency mode; because for the rest, it’s all good, and at the price indicated, it’s even better than that.

The Redmi Buds 3 Pro are available at a price of 43,84 € on @Aliexpress (free delivery from a warehouse in France). Benefit now from a reduction of 10 € with the code SDFRC91 for a total price of € 33.84.

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