Redout II unveils gameplay: (finally) the worthy successor to Wipeout?

The futuristic racing game Redout II is revealed via a video of gameplay really exciting for fans of the genre. In addition to the superb circuits armored with details, we also note the beautiful sensations of extreme speed and the extensive customization of the ships. It’s very promising, especially since the Saber Interactive studio has thought of including a driving mode with assistance, which will allow speed enthusiasts who don’t have the reflexes of a raptor to have fun despite everything on the title. . As for the soundtrack, it’s velvet in the “beat-extreme” genre, with Giorgio Mordona, Zardoneck and Dance with the Dead!

The game will have 36 circuits (playable in mirror mode, including 72 circuits in total) and will offer campaign modes, arena competitions, races against the clock, even elimination races (fighting!), without forgetting of course the races online up to 12 players (6 on Nintendo Switch). Would we finally have the worthy successor to Wipeout?

Redout II will be available later this year on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC

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