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Moon Knight is the new series from Marvel Studios that will soon be broadcast on Disney+. It introduces a new character and allows you to explore a still unknown facet of the MCU. Release date, platform, episodes, we take stock of what there is to know about this event series.

Moon Knight

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in full swing. We have films, of course, but also series! For the moment, the latter have been exclusively dedicated to characters already known, but the next one will introduce a brand new hero: Moon Knight.

Moon Knight is roughly the equivalent of Batman at Marvel. However, we must not stop at this simplistic comparison, since the two characters are actually very different from each other when you scratch a little. In this little file, we will take stock on everything there is to know about the series. When is she coming out? Who is in the cast? What will it tell? We tell you everything.

On what platform will Moon Knight be broadcast?

Moon Knight will be broadcast on Disney+, which is the case with all Marvel Studios series. It will be the fifth produced by the studio. Here is the list of Marvel shows already available on the platform:

When will Moon Knight air?

Moon Knight will air from March 30, 2022. Like all Marvel Studios series, it will not be available in full upon release. Indeed, Disney+ will publish one episode per week, every Wednesday.

This strategy has two objectives. The first is to keep subscribers longer. This prevents them from suddenly looking at what interests them before unsubscribing. The second is to create the event at each episode broadcast. Every Thursday, everyone debriefs and talks about the series, which can quickly motivate non-subscribers to checkout to be up to date. This is what happened with the previous Marvel series, but also the Star Wars series.

How many episodes are there in Moon Knight?

Six. With the exception of WandaVision which had a particular format, all Marvel Studios series have six episodes. Moon Knight will be no exception to the rule.

Will there be a season 2 to Moon Knight?

As of now, Marvel Studios has no not announced season 2. But if the series is a box, it would not be surprising if it were renewed. Marvel could even decide to exploit the character in the cinema in the future, either in a solo film or in an Avengers-style film. Everything is possible.

Kevin Feige has in any case announced that Moon Knight had not been thought of as a mini-series, and that his hero could therefore continue to be exploited after the last episode.

Who is in the cast of Moon Knight?

Moon Knight features a five-star cast. A habit for Marvel series which does not hesitate to hire star actors to seduce the public.

Oscar Isaac plays the main character of the series, namely Seven Grant (aka Marc Spector and Moon Knight). Unless you’ve spent the last ten years in a cave or on Mars, it’s impossible not to know the Guatemalan comedian. He is one of the most gifted actors of his generation. In his career, there are as many roles in huge blockbusters (Star Wars Postlogy, Dune, X-Men Apocalypse) as in more intimate films (Ex Machina, Agora, Inside Llewyn Davis or even A Most Violent Year). This will be the actor’s first foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ethan Hawke will play Dr. Arthur Harrow, a mad scientist who seems to be the main antagonist of the series. Hawke is an actor with a long career and we know him for his roles in Dead Poets Society, Welcome to Gattaca and Training Day.

The late Gaspard Ulliel will also be cast as the Midnight Man, one of Moon Knight’s enemies. We recall that the French actor died on January 19, 2022 after a skiing accident. He was 37 years old. Moon Knight is his final screen appearance.

Other unannounced actors may also appear. Rumors point to a cameo from Emily Van Camp, who plays Sharon Carter in the MCU and who we last saw in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series. Mark Ruffalo, who plays Bruce Banner / Hulk, could also be there. These two participations are only rumors for the moment.

Behind the scenes, Kevin Feige, the boss of Marvel Studios, is of course at work. As for the scenario, we can count on the pen of Jeremy Slater, who has already worked on the series The Exorcist or Umbrella Academy.

Who is Moon Knight and what will the series be about?

Moon Knight is a Marvel hero never before adapted to the screen. Created in 1975, it is a character very strongly inspired by Batman. Like the DC hero, he wears a costume that instills fear in his enemies, can hover, and uses gadgets. But the comparison stops there.

Moon Knight

In civilian life, Moon Knight is known under the name of Marc Spector, a mercenary who, by a combination of circumstances, is resuscitated by Khonsu, the Egyptian god of the Moon. He then returns to New York under a new identity: the wealthy Steven Grant. He then roams the streets, making terror reign among criminals. Dark, violent, psychologically unstable and unafraid to slay his enemies, Moon Knight is the antithesis of Gotham’s Dark Knight.


The Marvel Studios series of course takes up this character, but seems to give him a new interpretation. Oscar Isaac thus directly embodies Steven Grant, who is here a somewhat despised employee of the British Museum (the action therefore takes place in London, not New York). Insomniac, he has strange dreams where he is chased by a mysterious entity. He is also contacted by someone who seems to know him as Marc. Meanwhile, he must also battle a mysterious cult leader named Arthur Harrow. It is in this context that Steven Grant will become Moon Knight.

What Marvel movies and series should you have seen before embarking on Moon Knight?

Moon Knight will stage a whole new character. The hero and his civilian alter ego have never appeared in the MCU until now. It was never even mentioned. This makes a big difference with the previous series, which took on characters who had been present for years in the MCU and who therefore had a certain passive.

The series also seems to tell its own story on the sidelines of the MCU (which it is still part of). If we go by the first trailer, there is no direct link to a movie previous or the series already available on Disney+.

For these reasons, she therefore does not require – at first sight – to have watched the other Marvel Studios creations to fully appreciate it. However, we can still expect the appearance of characters already seen in other films or series, or at least winks to certain past events.

This file will obviously be updated according to new information on the series.

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