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In the world of mobile telephony, the Finnish company Nokia occupies a very important place. With the decline of its first mobile phone models, Nokia very quickly turned to the production of smartphones. Very soon, the company headed by Pekka Lundmark should introduce users to the Nokia Atom Pro. How will this phone be different from the brand’s previous smartphones? How much money will it take to buy it when it comes out? Find reliable answers in this post.



On many points, the specificities of the Nokia Atom Pro are very interesting. Some components of the phone had never been used on previous models.

His screen

The Nokia Atom Pro will likely feature a 6.9-inch AMOLED touchscreen and feature 4K resolution. On this smartphone, the display resolutions will be 1440 x 3200 pixels. In addition, its screen will be protected by Gorilla Glass Victus glass.


This mount will allow the Nokia Atom Pro to withstand great falls. Indeed, this glass can emerge unscathed from a 2 m drop onto a hard or rough surface. Therefore, the screen of the new Nokia smartphone should also resist scratches.

Its operating system

The stable version of Android 13 has been available since August 15, 2022. This new version of Google’s operating system has new features. Like its competitors, Nokia will install it on its next smartphones, and therefore on the Atom Pro.


With Android 13, the rules relating to confidentiality could not be more accentuated. For example, the clipboard history will be deleted immediately after some time.

His camera

Nokia has always given importance to the camera of its smartphones. On the Atom Pro, the camera performance is very interesting. On the back, this phone will have a 108 MP main sensor, a 32 MP ultra-wide sensor, a 16 MP wide sensor and a 05 MP sensor.


The Nokia Atom Pro should therefore allow all users to take high quality photos and videos. Besides, the phone will have a 64 MP front camera which will be of great use to you for selfies. Finally, it should be noted that the camera of the Nokia Atom Pro will have some usual features. These are mainly LED flash, HDR and panorama.

Its battery

Battery power is one of the elements that characterize a good smartphone. This is probably the reason why the Finnish company has equipped the Nokia Atom Pro with a 7100 mAh battery. Non-removable and Li-Polymer type, this generator will allow you to enjoy the phone for a long time. After the first charge, this phone will take no more than 40 min to be fully charged.

his memory

Nokia has leaked very little information about the storage capacity of its upcoming smartphone. However, from the features of the device, it is highly likely that it comes with a 12 GB RAM memory. Likewise, the ROM memory would amount to 256 or 512 GB. There is a dedicated slot for a micro SD card. As such, you can keep an array of files in this phone.

Release date and purchase price

For now, Nokia has not given any official information on the release date of its new jewel. However, some observers believe that the Nokia Atom Pro will be presented in December 2022 or early 2023.

Moreover, the official price of this smartphone is not yet known. However, this did not prevent some observers from embarking on an exercise in speculation. For some, the Nokia Atom Pro should cost between 500 and 550 US dollars.

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