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Lastman, the cult French series by Balak and Bastien Vivès returns in October, with an explosive season 2.

After a thrilling comic strip and a UFO-like season 1, Lastman is back. For the occasion France TV has shared the first images of this second burst of episodes, and it is clear that Balak has a few uppercuts in reserve. Radically different from the first season, this new project should also amaze us.

What is Lastman Heroes?

The first season of Lastman evoked the end of patriarchy in favor of a new civilization. In Lastman Heroesit is rather about the end of our society as a whole, the one that glorifies individuality and social media supremacy, without seeing the suffering behind the screen. As usual, the series makes no compromises, delivering a cruel and acerbic reflection of the world around us. A punch in the face, as violent as our humanity. No wonder this new burst of episodes is banned for those under 16.

Presented as the link between the events of season 1 broadcast in 2016 and the comic strip (published between 2013 and 2019), Lastman Heroes is in a radically different format from its predecessor. Where the original series comprised 26 13-minute episodes, this new story arc will split into 6 episodes of 45 minutes. An assumed choice on the part of the production team which intends to renew itself with the spectators, by betting on a new effect of discovery.

What is it about ?

Unlike the first round of episodes of lastman, with a fairly classic and serial plot, Heroes will be an opportunity to explore new screenplay opportunities. From the height of its 45 minutes, each episode will be positioned as a unitary short film centered on a character from the series. In the manner of Diabolicalthe animated spinoff of The Boysall of them will have a different narrative construction.

The opportunity to discover the saga through crime fiction, horror, heroic fantasy, and even musical comedy. On the other hand, we expect that this fragmented division will finally find its meaning at the end, as we would put together the pieces of a puzzle to reconstitute the final picture.

When is it available?

Lastman Heroes will be available for free on from October 28. The sixth and last episode will be broadcast a little later, without further details for the moment. Also note that a watered down version (prohibited at least 12) will be broadcast during the day. You will have to wait until 10:30 p.m. to enjoy the original uncensored episodes, prohibited for children under 16.

For the rest, the first season of Lastman is still available on The comic strip is available in bookstores, in a new edition published in September by Casterman editions.

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