Researchers unveil the first cellular robots capable of self-reproduction

What if the future was for “biological” robots? The New Scientist journal tells us that collaborative work by several researchers from Harvard, Tufts and Vermont universities enabled the creation of the first cellular robots… capable of reproducing! Xenobots 3.0 are organisms “made” from frog cells. These cellular robots are not only capable of automating simple tasks (such as transporting drugs to specific places in the body for example), but can now also reproduce (!) By replication (self-reproduction), and this a very unique way.

This is because the computer-designed cell mixture uses so-called “kinematic” (motion-based) replication, which is normally seen only with single molecules. For Sam kriegman, one of the researchers behind these Xenobots 3.0, these cellular robots “Break the rules” usual in biology. Xenobots 3.0 may pave the way for more effective medical treatments… or even more lethal biological weapons; who knows…

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