Researchers wonder about a mysterious signal coming from the center of our Galaxy

Astronomers and astrophysicists of all stripes are puzzled to say the least. A mysterious signal coming from the center of our Galaxy resists all scientific explanation. Detected by the researcher Ziteng Wang of the University of Sydney and baptized “Andy’s Object”, this radio signal escapes all explanatory models and does not correspond to any type of emission of space object already listed (such as neutron stars or pulsars for example).

Galaxy 600x399

The unknown signal is all the more intriguing as its activation cycle turns out to be very strange. The source of the signal emits in fact for short periods (from one day to several weeks)… before not emitting at all. To add yet another layer to this mystery, non-radio telescopes (X-rays, optics, infrared) have pointed their “antennas” towards the supposed source of the signal, without reporting any exploitable data.

Could it be an alien signal? Very prosaic, the researchers do not even mention this hypothesis. Suffice to say that if the ET really sought to contact us, communication is not ready to be established;)

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