Resident Evil 4 HD, the fan-made remaster, finally releases for February

This is a date to mark with a white stone in the Leon S. Kennedy fan community: Resident Evil 4 HD Project, the ambitious remaster fan of the cult game from 2005, finally has a release date. After more than 8 years of development, this crazy project made by a bunch of hardcore fans will finally be available to the public sometime next month, only on PC.

Back to Spanish lands

It’s a titanic job that has been done by the teams behind this project. Yes resident Evil 4 had already experienced an HD facelift in 2014 from Capcom—and it is this version that serves as a working basis—the majority of the game’s textures still kept their original low resolution. The result is certainly finer than the wafer released on Nintendo Gamecube at the time, but the contrast between the high resolution and the low quality textures is quite striking…

This is where the duo Cris and Albert come in, two fans who have taken it into their heads to rework all the textures of the game in a titanic work. Some of the textures are thus upscaled to a high of 8 to 16 times their original resolution, then redrawn. But even more impressive: other textures have been reimagined by going straight to the source. Albert living in Spain, the modder was able to take a picture of the original materials for a result even more faithful to reality, and the result is striking.

8 years of work

This is the third release of this hobbyist patch; two previous incomplete versions had previously been made available to the public, and this “Release 3” is therefore the latest and most complete, covering the entire campaign of the game, but also the additional levels featuring Ada Wong and the Mercenaries mode. . Something to keep fans busy while waiting for the possible release of the remake, rumors of which have been circulating in recent months…

The release of Release 3 of the patch Resident Evil 4 HD Project is scheduled for February 2. It will be compatible with the PC version Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD currently available on Steam.

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