Resident Evil 4 (Oculus Quest 2): a new gameplay trailer on holster management

Resident Evil 4 will be available on theOculus Quest 2 next October 21. The VR adaptation of one of the most famous episodes of the franchise is revealed again in the form of a gameplay trailer on … holster management. The Holster is this clothing accessory that allows you to carry weapons on you, an accessory whose interface is necessarily crucial in a VR game in first person. Without too much surprise, we find ourselves here with a particularly intuitive management of the carrying of a weapon.

It will suffice to bring the hand / controller near where the weapon is located (the knife on the thigh holster for example) to grab it and automatically find yourself in “attack” mode. In RE4, holsters are used to carry weapons on the chest, at waist / thigh height and on the back (for the shotgun for example). Suffice to say that the zombies had better watch out …

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