Results: after two years of struggle, Sega returns to profits

It’s been a long time since Sega is no stronger than anyone in the JV industry. During Q4 2020, the former video game giant still posted 47 million euros in deadweight loss. By dint of refocusing on strong licenses, after above all getting rid of the dead weight of managing arcade rooms and also thanks to the profitability of slot machines (still very popular in Japan), Sega Sammy finally goes back to the area. In Q4 2021, the group achieved 1.8 billion euros in sales and 222 million euros in net profits. It’s a hell of a comeback when the explosion of the Covid-19 pandemic very quickly put the company in the red.

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The results are not yet completely satisfactory, however: Sega sold 22 million games in the fourth quarter of 2021 (including another 4.9 million Sonic games!), compared to 34.2 million over the same period of 2020. Despite this slack (mainly due to a less favorable release schedule), Sega’s video game division achieved sales of 905 million euros in Q4. The launch of the long-awaited Total War: Warhammer III could well consolidate these good figures for the current quarter…

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