Review of the Corsair HS55 Wireless Core, the everyday headset (better)

Corsair unveils its new HS55 Wireless Core wireless gaming headset. Does he manage to fill our ears with it?

Corsair strikes again. The brand specializing in gaming equipment arrives with a new wireless headset to complete its mid-range. The Corsair HS55 Wireless Core wants to be in the continuity of what the company has always offered us, namely a premium quality device at a contained price. On paper, this is indeed the case. How does the device perform in real conditions? The answer in this Corsair HS55 Wireless Core review.

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Design and ergonomics

In terms of design, Corsair is a brand that rarely surprises us, and never disappoints us. Like all of its colleagues, the HS55 Wireless Core headphones have an elegant design, sober colors and beautiful finishes. Goes everywhere, the device is made of plastic, a very common material which remains excellent quality and is only available in one color (black).

If its very minimalist look is surprising for a gaming headset, it is nonetheless robust and light, in addition to not disappointing anyone with a bad taste pattern or a garish color. Simplicity sometimes works. At the earpieces, we find the classic memory foam coated with synthetic leather, which gives the HS55 Wireless Core an extremely comfortable fit.

This is also the case for the headband, adjustable on the sides and reinforced with dense and comfortable foam. With its 266 g on the scale, the headset is very light and does not weigh on the head after long hours of play. Obviously this applies to any type of activity since the sober look of the device allows you to use it without problem to work or listen to music. All of this gives us an excellent fit and optimal comfort, knowing that the helmet has no trouble adapting to the ears and head of its user, even over time.

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Connectivity, features and autonomy

In terms of its connectivity, the Corsair HS55 Wireless Core goes straight to the point with four controls distributed directly on the two earpieces. On the right are the power button and the Bluetooth activation button, while on the left you find the incoming volume control wheel, as well as the microphone mute button. Rather well distributed, and above all excellently positioned, these few parameters allow you to use the helmet without too much difficulty. However, we would not have said no to a control wheel for the microphone return, which is simply non-existent on this model.

In general, the Corsair HS55 Wireless Core is intuitive, easy to access for all beginners, and with a certain freedom in terms of use. The device works with two connection modes, the first thanks to a USB dongle and the second thanks to the Bluetooth that we mentioned just before. In both cases we benefit from a comfortable use thanks to its autonomy of approximately 24 hours.

Recharging is also a good point since you can actually recover several hours of listening in just 15 minutes of charging. In terms of functionality, we have no reason to complain, the helmet offers us the parameters usually associated with its range.

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Sound and Microphone

We end with the sound part, which is ultimately the most important when talking about headphones. As always for a gaming product, Corsair relies above all on immersion, precision and clear sound to communicate with other players. In terms of technology, the HS55 Wireless Core embeds the Tempest 3D AudioTech, for optimized sound on PS5. It is indeed the same technology present on the Sony Pulse 3D.

Once placed on the head, the Corsair HS65 immerses us in the heart of the game in an efficient and (almost) totally immersive way. For our use, we judged it to be satisfactory in terms of sound spatialization, except for the noises coming from the front which are finally heard from all sides, making it difficult to locate them. In the transmission of sound itself, we were completely won over by the quality of the headset both in game and with music in the ears.

It is worth noting, however, that the HS 55 Wireless Core does not support Corsair iCUE software. It therefore does not allow you to personalize your sound experience, or to create profiles for each user or each type of use. Coupled with the absence of predefined modes, this greatly limits the personalization of your experience on this helmet, which is ultimately intended to be extremely generalist. Fortunately, the overall sound is of very good quality by default.

Finally, the microphone is quite classic and is one of the good points of the helmet. By design, this one is foldable, so all you need is a simple gesture to cut it instantly, and you will be notified with a little recognizable sound. However, we regret the lack of flexibility of the microphone, which does not twist to adapt to the shape of your head. You will therefore never have the microphone directly in front of your mouth.

However, it is powerful enough not to let anything appear, in our personal case at least. In use, we find that it does well in abstraction of ambient noise while being omnidirectional and it is even Discord Certified for optimized sound quality for voice chat. Don’t be afraid to make yourself understood, the HS55 Wireless Core carries your voice clearly and precisely.

Price and availability

The Corsair HS55 Wireless Core headset is already available for purchase exclusively on Amazon for €129.99.

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