Rick and Morty season 5 is finally available on Netflix, 3 good reasons to watch

Rick and Morty season 5 is finally available on Netflix.

While all eyes are on the sixth season of rick and morty, which should arrive on our screens on September 4, many French speakers have not yet had the opportunity to watch the fifth season of the galaxy’s craziest animated series. It must be said that without opting for a paid subscription to Adult Swim (accessible in particular via the Molotov platform), the adventures of Morty and his irresponsible grandfather were only accessible on Netflix.

Since April 25, fans of the crazy and absurd humor of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon can now enjoy the latest season of the Sanchez-Smith family. A good way to stay up to date if you plan to follow the sixth burst of episodes on Adult Swim, but not only.

A season 5 like no other

A full year after its broadcast across the Atlantic, season 5 of rick and morty has 10 episodes, each crazier than the next. If this burst of episodes is not reputed to be the best of the series, it also carries the mourning producer J. Michael Mendelan emblematic figure of the program who had notably supervised the script of several episodes until his death in 2019. At the time, Justin Roiland had admitted that he did not consider “not season 5 as particularly bad“, but that the saga should be “back on track” with season 6. In the meantime, season 5 of rick and morty already ranks in the top 10 most popular Netflix programs.

A true SF lesson

Despite some lengths, season 5 of rick and morty remains faithful to its original recipe, and more particularly to the direction taken in recent years: the adventures of the characters are a real lesson in science fiction. Between the multiverse, cosmic rifts and time travel, Rick and Morty play with the clichés of the genre, to push them to their limits. The tone is absurd, the humor cynical, but the speech systematically hits the mark, especially when it comes to slaughtering an army of clones convinced to be the original Smith family.

Masterclass of (not so) silly and mean humor

On the sidelines of his scriptwriting prowess, rick and morty is especially effective for its humor as trashy as it is cruel. The punchlines systematically hit the mark, and no one is spared, from the too candid Morty to the couple formed by Beth and Jerry, recently reconciled, and now ready to open their sexuality to new horizons. We ask for more. If you have already completed this fifth burst of episodes, also know that the third season of Solar Opposite arrived in July on Disney+.

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