Riot may well delete your account!

If you haven’t played League of Legends in a while and want to keep your account, you’re going to have to come back real quick.

In a need for security and comfort for players, Riot Games will continue its fight against inactive accounts. After making account nicknames that have not been used for a while accessible, the studio is moving into high gear. It’s a real spring cleaning that is preparing on the side of the MOBA to global success. Thirteen years after its release, free-to-play has accumulated an astronomical number of subscribers. And of those, many haven’t played the game for several years.

To avoid storing unnecessary data, Riot does not go hand in hand and is about to delete inactive accounts. In an official press release, the studio simply explains the situation:

We use your data to improve your experience. If you don’t need it, neither do we. We have decided to keep the data only as long as it is useful. This involves deleting accounts that haven’t been active in a while or haven’t done much.

But then, what does Riot consider an inactive account? It could well be that one of your old accounts is in danger of being deleted, but don’t worry, the game teams have everything planned out.

Ghost accounts in the crosshairs

According to Riot’s criteria, an inactive account is an account that has had no in-game login activity, on a studio app or website for more than three years. This first criterion is sufficient to delimit a certain number of accounts. However, since the deletion is a final act, an entire list of features has been put in place to avoid disappointment.

Only accounts meeting the following criteria will be eligible for outright deletion by Riot Account must be inactive, have never purchased or received virtual currency, have no more than 20 hours of game play, and have no limited edition content. Most players won’t need to worry, but secondary accounts (also called “smurfs”) and forgotten or abandoned accounts will soon disappear from Riot’s servers.

In order to avoid any worries, Riot will of course contact the players concerned before the deletion of their data.. The studio also indicates that the deletions will begin in the coming months. If you have accounts that you want to save, it’s high time to log in now!

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