Rival of CleanMyMac, Intego offers a similar service … and 4x cheaper

If your Mac is aging poorly, a solution like Intego can help give it a second life. The software is super efficient at cleaning the disk, removing unnecessary files and speeding up your machine. In terms of value for money, its current offer is crazy.

For a very long time, CleanMyMac reigned alone with its tool that allows you to clean and speed up your Mac. It is software that runs in the background and allows you to optimize the space on your hard drive so as not to waste space or performance. It has always had a tough competitor: Intego. The latter goes beyond cleaning Mac since it offers a whole security suite exclusively on macOS.

Having said that, today we will focus on its Washing Machine software that competes directly with CleanMyMac. The latter offers almost the same features except that it is significantly cheaper. It must be said that the special offer put forward all weekend for Christmas is to die for. This allows you to pay 4 times less than the CleanMyMac product for outstanding performance.

In detail, Intego offers its Washing Machine for a fixed cost of 19.99 euros – instead of 49.99 euros. For comparison, CleanMyMac offers an annual license for 39.99 euros (which must therefore be renewed every year) or a lifetime subscription at 79.99 euros. This last version is the one that can be compared with the Intego software. And the result is final: CleanMyMac is 4 times more expensive.

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Intego, the benchmark for Mac

CleanMyMac is software that is published by MacPaw, which offers both macOS and Windows software. Intego has made the choice, since 1997, to focus solely on Mac. In doing this, he truly built a team with know-how in Apple infrastructure. It is thus able to detect viruses (with its antivirus), to clean a Mac (with Washing Machine) or to make automatic backups.

While the above Washing Machine can be purchased for a one-time cost of $ 19.99, Intego also offers its security suite for an annual license. It includes not only the Washing Machine but also the antivirus or the backup for 29.99 euros per year (instead of 84.99 euros). It’s a one-off offer for Christmas, it’s well worth it. It is without a doubt the best antivirus on the market for Macs. Its value for money is crazy.

For those who want to test the Intego product first (and limit their budget), we recommend paying the unit cost for the Washing Machine. This lets you see how simple and easy Intego is to learn. Then you can still migrate to a bundle version with an annual subscription. If you are ready to secure your Mac like never before, the Mac Premium Bundle will be your best friend. It is the one who is the most efficient. Indeed, to have a Mac always cleaned and up to date, you must have a good antivirus. This is exactly what Intego offers with this complete formula.

To discover the full bundle, it’s here:

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