Robert Pattinson already has a sequel idea, and it’s amazing

The interpreter of Bruce Wayne in the next film by Matt Reeves already has an idea for a sequel to The Batman, and it would stage one of the best narrative arcs of the franchise.

The Batman comes out on March 2, but Matt Reeves could turn his feature film into a real saga. If the film already promises to bring to the screen the first years of the Dark Knight of Gotham, a second part is not excluded. Interviewed by the magazine Den of Geekactor Robert Pattinson, who succeeds Ben Affleck in the role of Bruce Wayne, spoke about the next adventures he would like to live in the skin of the vigilante.

Resurrect Court of Owls

For Robert Pattinson, The Batman 2 could be the opportunity to face new enemies after the Riddler: “I would like us to do something with the Court of Owls. It could fit with the sometimes slightly horrifying tone of The Batman, and it’s something new and interesting to explore”.

Masterfully signed by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo (two of the biggest names in modern comics, just that), The Court of Owls is a two-part story arc which begins the reboot of the series Batman New52. Published in France by Urban Comics, the story is a little gem of darkness, halfway between superheroes and horror. Faced with a criminal secret society, Batman will risk a lot to overcome an invisible enemy and much more powerful than he imagined.

A challenge of adaptation which could however delight fans of the comics, while confirming the position of Matt Reeves on his work around the original works. It must be said that the director was largely inspired by comic books for the writing of his film. Obviously, Robert Pattinson did the same: in addition to Court of Owls, the actor also cited Calendar Man as his next potential enemy. A choice all the more logical as the super-villain appears in A long Halloweenwhich also served as a support for the writing of the film.

For its part, the deep state of Gotham is still not buried. After Scott Snyder, the relaunch ofInfinite Frontier will also fly in the feathers of the black knight and his allies.

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