Rockstar delays release of physical versions of GTA Trilogy

Revisit the fiasco of the launch of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition would be like shooting an ambulance. This compilation of remasters of PlayStation 2 episodes in the franchise fell short of expectations, neither of players, nor of critics, and the Rockstar Games teams are now busy with a post-launch rescue that could go on for a long time. good time. It is in this complicated context that the studio announcement the postponement of the release for the physical console versions of the game …

See you in mid December … and more

We expected them for next week, it is finally in mid-December that the physical versions of GTA Trilogy intended for older generation consoles will arrive. More specifically, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will be available from December 17 in physical points of sale. The Nintendo Switch version will take a further delay and will not arrive before the beginning of the year 2022. No reason has been given for this delay, but we imagine that the failed launch of the game to contribute, of one form or another, at that exit delay.

Hopefully, the physical versions of games will immediately include the hotfixes recently applied to the digital versions — but the production and logistics chains for boxed games are not the most flexible. However, the additional time granted to the Nintendo Switch version scheduled for next year could allow development teams to integrate its fixes to the native version of the game …

To the rescue of the shipwreck GTA

This postponement is announced in tandem with the update 1.03 deployed yesterday on consoles and PC. This major update is shielded with different fixes aiming to patch up the many technical problems, but also graphics of the game. In addition to the bugs related to the physics engine and sound effects, certain graphic aspects of the game have also been reworked.

Thus, textures including text errors have been corrected, some character models have been changed to approximate the original game, and weather effects have been reworked. The infamous torrential rain is absurdly used in remasters has finally been fixed. The episode San Andreas has also been given an option to restore the fog effect from a distance, simulating part of the graphics of the game on PlayStation 2.

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